The local area connection is experiencing driver or hardware related problems

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Just bought a brand-new PC and installed Windows 7 on it, to uncover once I try to affix to the internet it provides me the error message I posted as the title.Any tips on exactly how to tackle the difficulty, founding from scratch?


you may desire to make sure it is a legal copy likewise you might need a windows 7 driver for the adapterscheck out if anything in gadget manager has actually a ? or ! in device manager likewise on the tool barviewpresent hidden deviceswhats the make and also specific model of the PC

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you may want to make sure it is a legal copy additionally you may need a windows 7 driver for the adapterscheck out if anypoint in gadget manager has actually a ? or ! in gadget manager also on the tool barviewdisplay hidden deviceswhats the make and also precise version of the PC
After troubleshooting the problem uncovered is; "The "Local Area Connection" adapter is not working properly" with a ! authorize afterwards.But in the tool manager itself there"s no indications.It"s a practice PC bought from a webwebsite.Specs of the PC:
Gigabyte M68 Motherboard TechnologyAMD Bulldozer FX 4100 3.6ghz 8mb Cache1tb Sata Hard Drive8gb DDR3 1333 MemoryGalaxy 3 Gamers Format Case24x Dual Layer Sata DVD WriterATI Radeon 5450 1gb DDR3 via HDMI With Hyper Memory upto 2gb

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just how did you activate it ?------------------------------------------------------------------------ Device Manager Article earlier the results in gadget managerYou will now have to take a display screen shot and also copy that earlier to the functioning COMPUTER.Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer via internet accessibility and also copy the display swarm and also attach the screen swarm in a reply on the forum here.exactly how to accessibility device manager for various home windows versions the Windows crucial and also press Pause essential, must open up to enable tool manager to be seenon a lapheight you might must usage Hold the Windows vital and also press FN key + the pause keyif this does not work-related then -Windows 7 or VistaClick on the Start OrbIn the Start Search box typetool manager and also then push enter-------------------Start > manage Panel Vista set to classical view> system > Vista, device manager on left hand side XP hardware Tab, gadget manager button > home windows 7begin > control panel> System and Security> Device Managernetjob-related adaptors, click on the + > article earlier the devices provided thereare tright here any ! ? or Xarticle a display screen swarm of the device manager - netoccupational adaptersTo short article a display swarm of the active window.1) host the Alt vital and also press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the display shot. You can then usage PAINT to trim to suit, and also save it as a JPG format file. OR2) if you are utilizing Vista/Windows 7 you have the right to usage the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping ToolTo uppack the display screen swarm to the forum, open the complete reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and usage the Manage Attachments switch to upfill it right here.Full details are accessible below