The language of this installation is not supported by your system

I had actually an Office Standard 2010 installation which did not totally un-install at the first attempt. It"s still in the list of set up programs, however some of the files and registry records could already be gone.

When I attempt to uninstall it, I now obtain the adhering to error:

The language of this installation package is not sustained by your system

I have already tried the idea at the How to uninstall or rerelocate Microsoft Office 2010 suites write-up at Microsoft Support.

You watching: The language of this installation is not supported by your system

How have the right to I remove that nuisance? In order to install a 64-little bit Version I need to uninstall this one first.

uninstall microsoft-office-2010 windows-installer
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Use the "Fix It" for Office 2010 gave by Microsoft here:

It"ll take a while to run and won"t carry out much feedback during the procedure, however it must (might) remove all remnants of Office 2010. Be sure to reboot after that.

You could additionally attempt manually removing it adhering to the instructions here:

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I know this is an old question yet I didn"t check out a solution. I provided Geek Uninstaller and also it functioned prefer a cinjury. Unmounted every little thing left by Office 2010, rebooted and also mounted Office again without problems.


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