The following product information programmed into the system board is missing or invalid

You might be surprised after loading the BIOS of some HP and also COMPAQ models through a message indicating that some tool settings are missing



Serial Number Not Found

Product Name

Product Configuration

Product Serial Number

Product Number

In this lesboy we will describe with photos and simple steps how to resolve this difficulty (invalid hp product information)

The the majority of vital measures you will take in this leschild :

1 – The initially step: prepare the USB vital in boot mode.

You watching: The following product information programmed into the system board is missing or invalid

2 – The second step: Download “HP DMI Tool” on USB.

3- The third step: enter to the tool settings.

4- The last step: recuperate the lost parameters.

Note: In the initially and also second action, you will certainly configure flash memory on your personal COMPUTER. Regarding the 3rd and also last step, we will relocate on to work on the other Lapheight that has the problem.

1- The initially step: Preparation of the USB crucial in boot mode:

In this action, you will usage the “USB Disk Storage Layout Tool” regime to prepare the flash memory to be bootable. Tright here are many kind of programs to assist you carry out this, yet this routine is simple and straightforward to usage and also does not should be mounted on the computer.

Place the flash memory in one of the USB ports on your computer (the regimen will certainly delete all files from the USB drive, so it must not contain your crucial files).

Download the routine from this link. After that, run the program as administrator.


A home window will certainly show up for you.– You choose the flash memory in Device– In File device, choose FAT32– You note Rapid Layout, Create DOS startup Disk and also making use of interior MS-DOS mechanism papers.– Then begin the formatting process by pressing the Start switch.


Immediately after pressing the Start switch. An alert message will certainly appear saying: “WARNING! ALL DATA ON THE USB … DEVICE WILL BE LOST!”

And if you are certain that the flash memory does not contain any kind of crucial items, you can start the procedure by pushing the Yes switch.


Once you press the button, the formatting procedure will begin.


After the procedure completes, a message appears choose this.


Entering flash memory, you alert the presence of 2 folders: DOS and also TOOLS.

2 – The second step: Downpack the “HP DMI Tool” on USB:

In this step, you will download the “HP DMI TOOLKIT” records onto the USB vital that we have actually formerly prepared.

You have the right to downfill the “HP DMI TOOLKIT” file from this link.

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After downloading the tools records. You extract the HPDMI folder and the AUTOEXEC file from the zip file.

You send the HPDMI and also AUTOEXEC folder to flash memory. After that you will certainly check out a message saying that tbelow is currently an AUTOEXEC file in the flash memory.You push Confirm: to overwrite the file.

ultimately. You have actually configured the flash memory to work-related. Now you take out the USB drive and also put it in the lapheight that has actually the difficulty.

3- The third step: enter to the tool settings

After placing the flash memory right into the lapoptimal. You directly push the F9 button as soon as the computer system is booting, then you select to boot from USB.


After that you will view the DOS web page in this method.


You select the type of keyboard (French – English) by inputting the command also “keyb” adhered to by an area then the kind of key-board. Either you add “fr” if it’s French, or you add “uk” if it’s English: for example, if you are using a French key-board, you compose “keyb fr”, then you press Enter.

After picking the key-board kind, you kind this command to enter the tool settings:

You kind “DmiFit” and also hit enter. A window appears through a set of parameters.


4 – The last step: recover the lost parameters:

In this action, you will enter all the missing parameters. But wright here will you get these parameters to enter them?

You will gain all the lost settings on the back of the lapheight, straight under the battery.

Product name is written as Module.Product Configuration is written as PCID.Product Serial Number is written Serial.Product Number is written as Product.



After you understand where to take the settings:

Now you press 1 (NotePublication Model) to enter the tool type.And write the name and also form of lapoptimal you have: HP Compaq Presario CQ62-200SK.You press the Get in switch to execute the operation and also return to the main menu.Press the number 7 (PCID) to enter the PCID that you have: for instance 049B110000202810000020000, then confirm the procedure via the Get in button, and you will certainly rerotate straight to the primary food selection.We come to enter the serial number by pressing 0 (Serial Number), for example: CNF022G2VN.Finally, you enter Product by pressing 4 (SKU Number), for example: WU834EA#AB6.If you desire to change the MAC address of the wifi, push 6.You will find the Mac Adress code written on the Wi-Fi chip, for example: MAC: 001F3B5A9AE3.

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You rebegin the laptop and also you will certainly notice that the difficulty is reresolved.

NOTE: This strategy is just supported on the models below

Compaq : 320, 321, 325, 326, 420, 421, 620, 621, 510, 511, 610, 515, 516, 615

HP Compaq : 2230s, 6530b, 6530s, 6531s, 6535b, 6535s, 6730b, 6730s, 6735b, 6735s, 6830s, 6720t, 2210b, 2510p, 2710p, 6510b, 6515b, 6520s, 6710b, 6710s, 6715b, 6715s, 6720s, 6820s, 6910p, 8510p, 8510w, 8710p, 8710w, nc2400, nc4000, nc4010, nc4200, nc4400, nc6000, nc6110, nc6120, nc6140, nc6220, nc6230, nc6320, nc6400, nc8000, nc8230, nc8430, nw8000, nw8240, nw8440, nw9440, nx5000, nx6105, nx6110, nx6115, nx6120, nx6125, nx6130, nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx6330, nx7000, nx7010, nx7300, nx7400, nx8220, nx8420, nx9420, tc4200, tc4400

HP EliteBook : 2560p, 2760p, 8465p, 8460p, 8460w, 8560p, 8560w, 8760w, 2540p, 2740p, 8440p, 8440w, 8540p, 8540w, 8740w, 2530p, 2730p, 6930p, 8530p, 8530w, 8730w,

HP : 420, 425, 620, 625, 4320t, 541, 2140, 4410t, 540, 550, 2133, 2533t, 500, 510, 520, 530

HP Mini : 5103, 5102, 5101

HP Pavilion : ze1000, zt3000, zt3200, zt3300

HP Presario : B1200, M2000, V1000, X1000, X1200, X1300, X1400

HP ProBook : 4230s, 4330s, 4331s, 4335s, 4430s, 4431s, 4435s, 4530s, 4535s, 4730s, 6465b, 6565b, 5330m, 6360b, 6460b, 6560b, 4320s, 4321s, 4325s, 4326s, 4420s, 4421s, 4425s, 4520s, 4525s, 4720s, 5220m, 5320m, 6450b, 6455b, 6550b, 6555b, 6440b, 6445b, 6540b, 6545b, 5310m, 4310s, 4311s, 4410s, 4411s, 44151s, 4416s, 4510s, 4515s, 4710s