The file has properties that cannot be moved to the new location


When relocating or copying a record to a new location, you might obtain “Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties…”. Do you recognize what you have to do? Click Yes, Skip, or Cancel? In this post, MiniDevice will certainly display you exactly how to soptimal this message and also then you can relocate or copy papers to a brand-new location without interruption.

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Click Yes When Receiving “Are You Sure to Copy This Documents Without Its Properties”?

Typically, to manage records, we would like to relocate or copy a file to a brand-new location on computer. However, periodically, as soon as transforming the location of a file (from an NTFS drive to a FAT16/32 drive), you can be clumsy as your Windows computer system asks you a question:

Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?

When the message pops up, you may wonder whether you have to click the Yes button or not. But please put this question to one side and also firstly you must number out why this question pops up?

The factor is that the NTFS file device, basically, can support some properties (such as properties related to ADS and file encryption information), that FAT file mechanism cannot assistance, thus bringing this question. 

After gaining the answer to the over question, you have to figure out the second question.

What does it suppose once a document cannot be duplicated via its properties?

Copying or moving a file without some of its properties from an NTFS drive to a FAT drive will simply intend that the properties will certainly be lost, whereas the file will remain intact and also practical. We deserve to conclude that this message is just a note not a problem you have to solve.

Thus, the answer to whether you can click the Yes switch on the prompt window is that it is safely for you to click the Yes switch on the prompt window.

However before, this message maintaining popping up on the computer display is a bit annoying, specifically relocating or copying records in big batches from an NTFS drive to a FAT drive as the moving or copying process will certainly be interrupted eexceptionally time when the home window prompts.

In various other words, you must save your eyes on the computer screen for a lengthy time to click the Yes switch to proceed the moving or copying procedure.

Facing this annoying situation, you might desire not to get this message anyeven more later on. To execute that, you just should convert the destination partition from FAT file mechanism to NTFS.

After completing this convariation, you will certainly not view “The file has properties that cannot be copied to the brand-new location” and also harvest some benefits from NTFS file device as the following content shows:

If you want to learn even more compariboy between FAT32 and NTFS, you have the right to read the adhering to recommended article:


Now, it is time to show you how to speak “Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties”. The following content reflects you how to transform FAT to NTFS via 3 various tools. What are they? Let’s check them.

Stop the Blog post by Converting to NTFS through MiniDevice Partition Wizard

To transform file system from FAT to NTFS, you can attempt the recommfinished third-party software application – MiniDevice Partition Wizard.

This tool have the right to aid you transform a FAT drive to NTFS drive through ease in this case.

You have the right to also usage it in your daily life since it is a experienced partition manager that deserve to aid you regulate your tough drive safely and also quickly, such as extfinishing mechanism partition and also various other partitions, upgrading to a larger hard drive without reinstalling Windows OS, and also so on.

How to usage MiniDevice Partition Wizard to finish the convariation to sheight “Are you sure you desire to copy this file without its properties”? Here are two approaches. Let’s inspect them one by one.

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Way 1: Activate the Convert FAT to NTFS Feature

The Covert FAT to NTFS attribute developed in MiniDevice Partition Wizard have the right to help you complete the convariation with a couple of actions and without information loss. To usage it, please follow the steps below:

Tip 1: Click the readily available downloadable switch, install it, and launch it to acquire its primary interface.


Tip 2: In the Disk Map, choose the FAT partition and also then choose the Convert FAT to NTFS feature from the left panel or pick it from the right-click food selection.


Step 3: Confirm the information shown on the recently pop-up home window. Click the Start button. Once clicking, the convariation will begin immediately and instantly.


Step 4: Please wait for some seconds and also then click the Close button till you check out the message “Conversion complete” pops on the Convert File System window.


Now, you have the right to watch that the original FAT partition has been turned to NTFS partition properly in the Disk Map. You can attempt copying your records to this NTFS partition and the “copy this file without its properties” message need to not display up.

Way 1 is quite simple, right? MiniDevice also offers you an additional dependable means to transform FAT to NTFS. But you need to pay more attention in situation of data loss. Please keep analysis.

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Way 2: Activate the Format Partition Feature

MiniDevice Partition Wizard is also a professional forissue that have the right to help you format SD card, USB flash drive, and outside tough drive (favor 8TB external tough drive) with ease.

How to convert FAT to NTFS with the Layout Partition attribute developed in MiniTool Partition Wizard? Please describe the adhering to tutorial.

Note: If tright here is any necessary data saved in this FAT partition, you must ago up this partition at first or try the first way to complete this conversion.

Step 1: Get MiniTool Partition Wizard and also launch it to acquire its main interconfront.

Tip 2: Select the FAT partition from the Disk Map and also then select the Style Partition attribute from the left panel.


Tip 3: In the Layout Partition window, please select NTFS as the brand-new file device for the partition and also then click the OK button to confirm.


Step 4: Click the Apply switch on the primary interface to start this formatting.


Now, the FAT partition has been formatted to NTFS, and you have the right to proceed to copy or move papers to this partition without interruption.

MiniDevice Partition Wizard is excellent in converting FAT to NTFS. You have the right to use its 2 integrated attributes, namely Convert FAT to NTFS and also Layout Partition, to make this conversion.Click to tweet

Soptimal the Article by Converting FAT to NTFS by means of Command Prompt

Command also Prompt, a command-line interpreter application easily accessible in most Windows operating units, can also aid you finish this conversion.

To execute that, please follow the adhering to steps:

Press the Windows + R key on the keyboard simultaneously to acquire the Run window.Once the Run window pops up, please kind cmd in the search bar and click the OK button to confirm.This conversion have to be completed effectively after a few seconds and also you can try copying a file to this partition.

Stop the Article by Converting FAT to NTFS by means of Disk Management

Disk Management is the third utility that have the right to assist you transform partition file device from FAT to NTFS, but please note this conversion deserve to cause data loss. So, you also need to back up this FAT partition at initially if there is any type of necessary information.

Here is the tutorial on converting FAT to NTFS using Disk Management:

Step 1: Get the Run window by pressing the Windows + R vital on the keyboard at the same time.

Step 2: Type diskmgmt.msc in the search bar and also click the OK button to enter Disk Management.

Step 3: After accessing the Disk Management home window, please select the FAT partition and also right-click it and then pick the Style option from the menu.

Tip 4: In the Format home window, please select NTFS as the file device and then click the OK switch to confirm. Finally, click the OK switch aacquire (If you do not back up one partition and also format it directly using Disk Management or various other tools in other situations, you deserve to try restoring the lost information back to your computer).


After completing the above four actions, you have the right to continue to copy or move files to this partition.

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Are you interrupted by “Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties” once moving or copying records from NTFS drive to FAT drive? You can read this post that mirrors what you need to carry out when dealing with this message and also exactly how to soptimal this message.Click to tweet


Bottom Line

This write-up pertains to an end. After reading, have actually you figured out what it suggests as soon as a document cannot be replicated via its properties, and also have learned what you must execute once dealing with this message and also exactly how to stop this message?

If you enrespond to any kind of questions as soon as converting FAT to NTFS by making use of the approaches mentioned in this write-up, please carry out not hesitate to let us know. You have the right to leave your challenges in the complying with comment zone or email us through .