The file has no video and audio streams

While importing certain MP4 and MOV documents, you may enrespond to the ‘The file has no audio or video stream’ error in Adobe Premiere Pro. This error have the right to occur because of miscellaneous factors, consisting of unsustained file type or lacking codecs.

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However before, irparticular of the factor, you have the right to still settle this error in Windows via some workaround.

In this post, we present you how to resolve the file has actually no audio or video streams error in Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows.

Steps to solve The file has actually no audio or video streams error

1. Rename the video file MPGE / MOV

The initially and straightforward remedies seem to be changing the video file extensions. I fixed the worry by renaming my MP4 video file to MPEG format. However before, you have the right to also attempt MOV format if transforming the extension to MPEG format does not job-related.

Here is exactly how to perform it.


Open Documents Explorer.Navigate to the folder wright here the problematic video is saved.Right-click the file and select Rename.Rename the file to .MPEG or MOV format. For instance, if your file name is samplevideo.MP4, then rename it to samplevideo.MPEG.Try importing the recalled video to your Adobe Premiere Pro timeline and check if the concern is readdressed.

2. Use Windows Photos application to encode video

If the concern persists, attempt encoding the video using the built-in Windows 10 Photos app. Trimming and conserving the video from the Windows 10 Photos in MP4 format seem to have actually resolved the issue for many kind of customers.

Open Data Explorer and also navigate to the folder via the video.
Right-click on the video file and also open it via the Photos app.In the Photos application, click the Edit and also Create option.
Select Trim from the food selection.Now you need to trim a few seconds of the video.Sindicate drag the slider a little, and that need to be enough.Click on Save as (top right corner).

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Enter a name for the file and then click Save.Once the file is exported, import it to Adobe Premiere Pro.The MP4 file have to currently import without the file has no audio or video streams error.

3. Install the QuickTime app

If you are suffering this error specifically through the MOV file, try installing the QuickTime application on Windows to check out if that resolves the error.

Download the latest version of the QuickTime application from the main website.Install the QuickTime app.Once installed, restart the computer system. It is necessary to restart the computer to use the transforms.After the restart, open Adobe Premiere Pro.
Drag and drop the MOV file via the error and also inspect if the error is readdressed.

If the problem persists, attempt clearing the Adobe Premiere Pro cache database. Here is how to do it.


Launch Adobe Premiere Pro.Go to Edit and pick Preferrals > Media.Under Media Cache Database, click the Clean switch.Click OK.After the Database is cleared, rebegin Adobe Premiere Pro.

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The file has actually no audio or video streams error in Adobe Premiere commonly occurs as a result of incompatible file layouts. While the error deserve to be fix by installing QuickTime or altering the file expansion, attempt other procedures listed in this short article, if crucial.