The extended attributes are inconsistent windows 7

I"ve simply started acquiring a bunch of errors. Windows Explorer stops responding. ANYTHING that requires elevated user access gives a prolonged attriutes are inconstant error. I cannot accessibility a command also prompt as administrator. I"m at my whit"s finish bereason I must install some software and can"t. This has end up being a HUGE difficulty. I know somepoints are running elevated. Norton had the ability to upday antivirus defs without a problem, but if I tried to run them manually they didn"t occupational. I require this fixed ASAP.

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Umesh P

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Replied on April 21, 2010


a. How long have actually you been encountering this issue?b. Did you install/upgrade any type of hardwares/softwares on your computer?

You might try the listed below methods one by one and also examine if this helps.

Method 1: Perdevelop SFC sdeserve to on your computerSystem Documents Checker (sfc) shave the right to will make Windows rearea corrupt or lacking system papers on your computer system.Steps to perform sfc scan:

1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and also choose Run as Administrator. 2. Click Continue or supply Administrator credentials if triggered. 3. In the Command Prompt home window kind the following, and also push Enter: sfc /scancurrently 4. You have to see the adhering to on-display screen messages: Beginning the system sdeserve to. This procedure will certainly take some time. Beginning verification phase of system shave the right to. Verification % complete. 5. Once the scan has actually completed you will certainly get an ondisplay message resembling one of the following:… discovered no integrity violations… uncovered corruption yet repaired it… found corruption that it could not repairFor more information visit webwebsite

Method 2: System reclaim will take your computer system to pervious state once it was not dealing with such problem, this deserve to be done by choosing the correct regain point.

To gain back the operating system to an previously allude in time, follow these steps:1. Click Start, type mechanism regain in the Start Search box, and also then click System Resave in the Programs list.If you are motivated for an administrator password or confirmation, kind your password or click Continue.2. In the System Resave dialog box, click Choose a different reclaim allude, and also then click Next off.3. In the list of gain back points, click a reclaim allude that was created prior to you began to suffer the worry, and also then click Next off.4. Click Finish.For more indevelopment visit us know if this works.