The driver detected a controller error on device harddisk1 dr2

USB drives have actually undeniably made file carry and sharing more convenient and easier. However, what will you execute when you encounter this error message:

The driver detected a controller error on deviceharddisk2dr2?

This problem can proccasion you from opening documents in your USB drive. So, it is just natural to gain frustrated, especially as soon as you are in a hurry. However before, you have to not panic because we have the right to teach you exactly how to resolve ‘The driver detected a controller error on device harddisk1 dr1’. Try our solutions listed below so you can effectively retrieve your documents from your USB drive.

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Method 1: Insert the USB Drive to a Different Port

It is feasible that certain sectors in your COMPUTER have been damaged. So, a short-lived workapproximately for the problem is inserting the USB drive to a various port. Some customers reported that switching to an additional port had assisted them remove the error message.

Method 2: Updating your USB Driver

In the majority of cases, the error message appears because of outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers. So, it would be useful if you update your chauffeurs to their latest versions. There are two means to perform this. You deserve to manually search for the appropriate drivers or you deserve to pick the simpler course of automating the process. We constantly recommend the latter for many type of great reasons. For one, manually updating your chauffeurs have the right to be time-consuming, complicated, and also tedious. To give you an principle, let us display you the process:

Press Windows Key+R on your key-board. This should launch the Run dialog box.Inside the Run dialog box, kind “devmgmt.msc” (no quotes), then hit Get in. This opens up the Device Manager.Look for the Universal Serial Bus Controllers category.Expand the category’s contents, then right-click your USB gadget.Select Update Driver from the options.Choose the ‘Search instantly for updated driver software’ option.

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It is feasible for your mechanism to miss out on driver updays. So, you might be educated that you have actually the latest motorists mounted on your computer. If that’s the case, you must go to the manufacturer’s webwebsite and also search for the best drivers. Before you downfill and also install anypoint, you should ensure that you have actually the correct motorists that are compatible via your device. If you occur to gain the wrong ones, your computer will endure from instcapability concerns.

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Resettle COMPUTER Issues with Driver Updater Unsteady PC performance is frequently led to by outdated or corrupt drivers. Driver Updater diagnoses driver concerns and also allows you update old motorists overall or one at a time to obtain your COMPUTER running smoother


Why risk it once tbelow is an much easier and safer option? When you activate Driver Updater, it will certainly immediately identify your operating device. Moreover, it will discover the latest manufacturer-recommfinished chauffeurs for it. With one click of a button, you can deal with all the driver-associated concerns on your computer system and also eliminate ‘The driver detected a controller error on deviceharddisk2dr2’ message.

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