Test page prints but nothing else

I have a curious concern that does not want to be readdressed. I have a number of printers on my network, the majority of of which are common with the network-related. As of a month earlier, my printers are no much longer printing on command also.

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If you click print on the client pc, the record appears to go through to the netjob-related printer as normal and the pc thinks it has actually been published. On the host side though the record never gets registered with the printer driver. On testing through the microsoft test web page, the printer merrily chugs alengthy and also the web page comes out, but no other record deserve to print.

Attempts to fix:

I have actually restarted the spooler, restarted the machine, unmounted and deleted the chauffeurs and provided a combocountry of these at times. After many tries at doing he very same point, the printer will job-related and also soptimal working after a ramdom amount of time (anything from 3 hrs to 2 weeks if it does stop).

Things noticed:

These symptoms happened quickly after a new selection of printers were intalled (afico mp2000 and afico mp171). At the very same time our firm was audited yet I do not think the auditors put anything into our netjob-related (USB, CD"s, etc). The many annoying thing is that it seems to only affect HP makers.

Any Ideas?


After some some even more troubleshooting I discovered what looks to be a pattern of events. This was one easy to overlook because of previous testing and also exactly how the individuals usage the printers. Heres what I saw:

Everytime I played around through the printers (Delete motorists, reinstall, etc) I would have actually troubles through the hp printer and, if lucky, I would gain the printer to job-related and would certainly be able to print to the trouble (HP) printer. Great trouble fixed for fifty percent a day or more. The difficulty would certainly come ago later on though.

Today I did furher experimentation. I deleted ll vehicle drivers, set up the difficulty printer - functions fine. Installed the new network printer - published fine. This time though, I tested the hp printer after the netjob-related (mp2000) printer - does not print.

This got me to the very same concern that I had prior to, however it turned on a lightbulb. After a bit even more experimentation, I could recreate the trouble by printing to the network machine first followed by the HP machine.

Here is wright here the old IT side of me kicked in - Don"t trust what human being tell you. The male that set up the printer shelp that we should usage RPCS driver instead of the PCL6, but that treatment what the guy that *should* know what should be done claims. Installing the PCL6 driver seems to have actually solved the trouble, yet I will certainly let the users test it out for a while.

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I waned to ind out the distinction in between these two motorists but instead uncovered this fascinating write-up pertaining to Ricoh not longer utilizing their driver. This is an amazing read, but the short of it is that also though the driver is pretty well designed and permits for awesome usability, it has actually serious problems. Even the technicians of Ricoh say not to use it. ...the ones that are clued up, that is.

And that seems to be that. If you have any included comments question or anypoint, article it below or email me on my vr-tab-quebec.com account. I"m always looking to add admins to my admin group on vr-tab-quebec.com...

Let me understand what you males think...

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I spoke to the technician that mounted our printers and he shelp that he had not heard of this prior to, yet did notification that the Refined Printing Command Stream (RPCS) driver is no longer included on the install CD"s (Comfirming the article). This reporter is happy on a nice exploration...