Task host window plug and play device install reboot required

I have actually done a clean instevery one of Windows 10 1709. System, including on board USB, functions fine until I plug right into the motherboard connectors through external USB devices - card reader, front side usb ports. Then as soon as I go to windows, Cortana box and Start food selection and task bar are inoperable. When I shut down, I get the Taskhost is avoiding..... message.

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Have done the clean install numerous times and also also did System File Checker.

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Hi Eric,

This issue can happen due to motherboard, USB ports and chipsets are not compatible with the latest Windows upday. We suggest that you contact your tool manufacturer for an thorough assistance in updating your BIOS.



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The error message Windows cannot correctly pack your Device Install Reboot Required filelikely occurs because of corrupted Windows regisattempt or tool driver. This have the right to additionally be resulted in by corrupted downpack or incomplete installation of Windows. We"ll must gather a little even more information to better recognize what"s resulting in this. Kindly answer the following:

Did you make any kind of alters prior to the issue?Can you send us a screenshot of the exact error message that you"re acquiring as soon as utilizing your computer?What troubleshooting actions have actually you done so far?

We"re looking forward to your response.

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Replied on December 15, 2017
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I have the very same problem. The taskbar is not operabel. Windows symbol and the programm icons not operable (not klickable and not via the home windows key)

Key combicountry and brief cuts and so on work (Windows+E;...)

Everything in the home window is likewise operable, excell etc.

With Strg+Alt Delete I have the right to Logout the usere but before I have to force shut dvery own of a job which sais "taskhost...install reboot required".Or equivalent.

Then I have the right to login aacquire and also all is fine. This happens given that a few weeks and also not exceptionally often. (However as soon as I look into home windows update it does not say reboot required)

I tried to discover this job in the taksmanager but might not uncover it.

I usage Defender offline (just scan from time to time) parallel via Avast Antivirus realtime. At one action I though it can be the update of Defender interpretations which is are stuck.

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When I have the right to I will try to make a printdisplay of the task when I have actually the difficulty aacquire. This task is stuck.

I have 1709 (Build 16299.125)

I have actually here the message of the Tastk which is stuck preventing logout, shutdown and certainly blocking the task bar:

Tast Host Windows

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vr-tab-quebec.comWindowsPlug and also PlayDevice Install Reboot Required

On my other computer I made this particular day the latest 4 updates and also currently it has the very same problem. :-(