System thread exception not handled fortnite

When you boot your COMPUTER, as soon as it gets previous the BIOS splash display, you view a blue screen of death (BSOD) mirroring a Windows STOP code – SYSTEM THREADVERTISEMENT EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED in Windows 10. The STOP code error would certainly generally incorporate a driver SYS file such as nvlddmkm.sys, bcmwl63a.sys, ntfs.sys, atikmdag.sys or dxgmms2.sys. In this guide, we will certainly describe what this STOP code error is about and exactly how to fix the root of the difficulty.

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Update: Recently, tbelow were many kind of reports about the SYSTEM THREADVERTISEMENT EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error happening randomly in the time of Fortnite game session. In most situations, this is brought about by a graphic card’s driver that appears to be incompatible through Fortnite currently. The finest way to fix this problem is to upday your graphic card’s driver to the latest variation, or wait for an insect fix patch from Fortnite.


This certain blue screen STOP error in Windows 10 suggests a driver concern many of the moment. When a driver is faulty, outdated, erroneously mounted or manipulated by malwares may cause the System Thcheck out Exception Not Handled Windows 10 error.

When a hardware is failing or has failed, it would certainly also reason the blue screen error upon booting. If it happens just after launching a regime, it may imply that the driver the routine relies on is either incompatible via the routine or is faulty.

How to resolve System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10?

To fix the error, we need to recognize which driver is bring about the issue and upday or repair the specific driver. To determine the difficulty driver, look at the driver’s file name beside the STOP error System Thread Exception Not Handled in the blue display which generally ends through .sys file expansion.

This specific file name might assist you to learn which driver is resulting in the error. You have the right to then deal with the error by updating the problem driver as necessary. For instance, noted listed below are a few of the the majority of prevalent driver records that comes via the System Threview Exception Not Handled error in Windows 10.

Nvlddmkilometres.sys – Nvidia Windows kernel mode driver which relates to Nvidia graphic card’s driver.Bcmwl63a.sys – Broadcom 802.11 Netoccupational Adapter wiremuch less driver occurred by Broadcom Corporation for the Windows Operating System.Ntfs.sys – Windows NT Server arisen by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System.Atikmdag.sys – ATI Radeon Family occurred by AMD for Windows OS which relates to ATI video card’s driver.Dxgmms2.sys – DirectX Graphics MMS associated through Windows 10 Operating System which relates to DirectX motorists.

By looking at the SYS file, you can learn and identify the trouble driver that causes the BSOD concern. You can then deal with the driver by either updating it or uninstalling and reinstall it.

If you have a various sys file that comes with System Threview Exception Not Handled Windows 10 error and also you have actually no idea what it is for, search the entire driver file name on Google to learn which component of your hardware is utilizing the file as its driver. Then, you can deal with the issue accordingly.

If no sys file was presented in the blue screen error, you deserve to attempt to update all major drivers such as your display driver, netjob-related LAN or Wiremuch less adapter driver, sound and also audio driver to view if it helps to remove the blue display screen issue. You have the right to likewise attempt to run some repair devices such as SFC and DISM by means of command prompt on Windows Recoextremely to settle the problem. Go to the last paragraph for even more details.

Here’s exactly how to upday a driver or uninstall a driver to allow Windows to reinstall it.

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How to upday a device driver in Windows 10?

There are a number of ways to update a maker driver in Windows 10. The a lot of reliable method would be to search for and also download the latest driver from your hardware’s manufacturer websites. For example, Nvidia video driver from This would ensure you obtain the latest driver for your hardware device.

Because the majority of of you would certainly not be able to boot into Windows to perdevelop any type of driver upday, you deserve to force your Windows 10 to boot right into safe mode, bypassing the blue display. Read – How to enter safe mode in Windows 10 if your Windows is corrupted.

When you’re booted right into Windows 10 safe mode, follow the steps below to update a maker driver via Device Manager.

Go to begin food selection.Search for Device Manager and open it.Look for the driver that you’ve figured out previously in the System Thread Exception Not Handled Windows 10 error.For example, if the problem is via your graphic driver, in Device Manager, expand Display adapters.Right-click on your main graphic card and then pick Update driver.Click Next to enable Windows 10 to search for and also install the correct driver for your video card immediately.

Alternatively, you have the right to choose Uninstall driver when you right-click on your tool to uninstall its driver. If the driver is faulty or incorrect in the initially location, uninstalling it would certainly assist to fix the System Thcheck out Exception Not Handled Windows 10 issue. On the following rebegin, Windows will immediately recognize and discover the ideal matched driver for that certain device immediately from Microsoft driver’s repository.

You have the right to likewise use an additional computer to manually downpack the driver installer from the device’s manufacturer website. Then, copy the installer to an external storage such as a USB flash drive and open up it on your difficulty computer while it’s booted into Safe Setting.


If you are gaining error through SYS file the irappropriate to any type of of your hardware, it might be concerned your Windows mechanism documents.

If you are seeing Ntfs.sys for example, it might be as a result of absent or corrupted system papers, or even disk errors on your Windows system drive. Run the SFC, DISM and also chkdsk shave the right to may help to settle the issue. You deserve to inspect this overview here to learn just how to use this devices if you can’t boot into Windows – How to startup repair Windows 10 making use of command prompt.

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If you are getting System Thread Exception Not Handled Dxgmms2.sys error instead, try to run Windows Update to update DirectX 12 on Windows 10 safe mode or visit Downfill DirectX 12 in Windows 10 64 little bit for even more information about DirectX 12 downpack in Windows 10.