System registry file is missing or contains errors

As it turns out, some individuals are encountering the ‘System Regisattempt Documents is Missing’ error in the time of the booting procedure. As a result, they are unable to begin their computer systems traditionally. Many impacted individuals are reporting that the error occurs a few seconds after the last loading display (of the booting procedure) shows up. Although this error is mostly reported to happen on Windows 10, we’ve controlled to uncover the majority of instances of it happening on Windows 7 and also Windows 8.1 computer systems.

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System Registry Documents is Missing Startup error on Windows

What’s leading to the ‘System Registry File is Missing’ error on Windows?

We investigated this particular concern by looking at various user reports and also by testing out the assorted repair techniques that are recommfinished by various other users that already controlled to hazard the symptoms of this problem. As it turns out, a number of various scenarios could result in the apparition of this problem. Here’s a list of potential culprits that might be responsible for this problem:

Wrong startup configuration – If you’ve previously put up a dual boot device, possibilities are the wrong BCD data is being used in the time of the startup procedure. In this situation, you have to be able to fix the problem by booting to the last recognized good configuration. Several influenced customers have actually evidenced that this procedure was effective in their situation.Corrupted BCD data – Once of the many widespread causes that will develop this particular error is an underlying booting trouble brought about by corruption inside the BCD data. If this scenario is applicable, you must be able to fix the difficulty by utilizing the Bootrec.exe utility to repair the corrupted BCD data.System file corruption – As it transforms out, mechanism file corruption can additionally be responsible for the apparition of this startup error. Several influenced customers that were likewise encountering this problem have actually managed to deal with it by running a couple of utilities qualified of solving system file corruption (DISM and SFC). In the majority of serious cases, you can need to recollection eextremely OS component through a repair install or a clean install procedure.

Method 1: Booting to the last excellent configuration

If the issue only began arising recently and you’re looking for a solve that doesn’t involve complicated troubleshooting methods, you must begin by seeing if your computer is capable of completing the startup procedure by making use of the last good configuration.

Several impacted customers have reported that they ultimately managed to bypass the startup System Registry Documents Is Missing error by forcing the Startup options screen to show up and also choosing the Last well-known great configuration from the list.

Here’s a quick overview on booting from the last good configuration:

Start your computer system and also begin pressing F8 repetitively as shortly as you view the initial screen to arrive inside the State-of-the-art Boot Options.Once you’re inside the Advanced Boot Options display, select Last Known Good Configuration from the list of available choices.
Wait for the procedure to finish and also check out if the startup procedure completes without problems.

If the exact same trouble is still occurring, move dvery own to the following potential solve listed below.

Method 2: Fixing the booting sequence

As it turns out, among the most common instances that will certainly spawn the ‘System Regisattempt Documents is Missing’ error in the time of the startup sequence is an underlying booting difficulty. In these situations, the just efficient way of acquiring to the bottom of the issue is to repair the entire booting sequence by making use of the Bootrec.exe.

Bootrec.exe is a built-in Windows utility qualified of addressing the whole master boot document, the whole booting sequence, and the boot configuration information. Keep in mind that any kind of of these components might be responsible for the present error that you’re managing.

Prerequisite: Keep in mind that to perform this installation procedure, you require a valid Windows installation media that is compatible with the operating system that you’re utilizing. If you don’t have that already, you can create one by adhering to the instructions outlined in among the sources featured below:

Note: Choose the article that applies to the operating device that you’re using. And in instance you don’t have the installation media and also no implies of obtaining one, you have the right to force the Startup Recoextremely food selection to appear by forcing 3 consecutive startup disturbances (turning off the computer in the middle of the booting sequence).

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Once you have actually the prerequisite, follow the instructions listed below to run the Bootrec.exe energy to solve the ‘System Regisattempt Data is Missing’ error:

Start the procedure by inserting the installation media prior to the booting sequence can start. Next off, press any type of vital once motivated to boot from in. Once you view the initial Windows installation window, click on Repair your computer system (You deserve to view it either in the bottom right or the bottom left corner, relying on your Windows version).
Choose Repair your computerYou must be taken straight to the Advanced Options menu. Once you get tbelow, click on Troubleshoot, then choose Command Prompt from the list of available options.
Choosing Command Prompt from Cutting edge OptionsOnce you’re inside the elevated Command also prompt home window, type the following regulates inside and press Enter after each command also to redevelop the entire Boot Configuration data:

bootrec.exebootrec.exe /fixmbrbootrec.exe /fixbootbootrec.exe /scanosbootrec.exe /rebuildbcdOnce all regulates have actually been processed efficiently, all boot configuration information need to be repaired. All you have to do currently is test the startup procedure to see if it completes without any type of errors.If you’re still encountering the same error throughout the booting procedure, relocate dvery own to the next approach below.

Method 3: Repairing System Data Corruption

As it’s been confirmed by several affected, individuals the ‘System Regisattempt Data is Missing’ error deserve to also be prompted by some level of System File corruption that is interfering via the booting sequence. Keep in mind that under normal situations, you should open up an elevated Command prompt to run the two utilities.

But considering that you can’t get past the booting sequence, you will certainly need to perdevelop these scans before the booting sequence completes. To carry out this, you’ll should open up up an elevated CMD prompt making use of the State-of-the-art Options menu.

Here’s a quick guide that will certainly guide you through the procedure of running SFC and DISM scans from a CMD opened up from inside the Cutting edge Options menu:

Start by inserting the installation media and refounding your machine. Before you gain to view the first startup screen, begin pushing any key to boot from the Windows installation media.
Press any type of crucial to boot from installation mediaOnce you discover yourself at the initial Windows display screen, click Repair your computer (bottom-left edge of the screen)
Choosing Repair your computer from Windows SetupAt the following menu, begin by selecting the Troubleshooting tab, then click the Advanced Options. Once you obtain to that food selection, select the Command Prompt choices.
Command Prompt in Cutting edge optionsOnce you control to gain inside the elevated Command also Prompt, type the adhering to command also and press Enter to initiate a System Data Checker scan:

sfc /scannowNote: Keep in mind that SFC is using a locally cached copy to replace corrupted records through healthy and balanced duplicates. Interrupting this energy after the initial sdeserve to has actually been started is not recommended considering that you leave your system exposed to other logical errors. Wait patiently until the procedure is complete.Once the SFC shave the right to is complete, rebegin your computer system and re-follow the actions above to return to the elevated CMD display at the next device startup. After you control to return to the elevated CMD prompt, kind the complying with regulates and push Enter after each one to investigate and deal with corruption instances using the DISM utility:Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealthDism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealthDism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthNote: This utility is very dependent on the Windows Update component. It provides WU to download healthy and balanced duplicates of the corrupted files that should be replaced. Thus reality, make sure that your Web connection is secure prior to initiating the DISM shave the right to.Once the procedure is complete, restart your computer and watch if the concern is refixed at the next device startup.If the same ‘System Regisattempt Data is Missing’ error is still developing in the time of the startup sequence, relocate down to the next approach below.

Method 4: Performing a repair install

If you’ve adhered to all the potential fixes over and you’re still encountering the same ‘System Regisattempt Data is Missing’ error, possibilities are you’re dealing with an underlying system file corruption worry that cannot be reresolved conventionally.

If this scenario is applicable, the only way of resolving the OS-related issues is to follow a procedure that will certainly recollection eexceptionally Windows component. When it comes to achieving this state, you have 2 means forward:

A clean install is a more straightforward choice that doesn’t require any prerequisites, however the major downside is that you will certainly experience severe information loss – Personal documents, applications, user preferences and any type of other form of information will certainly be lost unless you ago it up in advancement.

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If you desire a much more efficient approach, go for the repair install procedure. Although it’s an extra tedious procedure and also it requires you to have a valid Windows installation media, it will certainly just recollection your Windows components. But the major advantage is that you will be able to save all your papers (papers, images, music, etc.) applications, games, and also some user choices.