Stuck on installing 3d vision driver


Please post your other computer system specs.
DDU > Safe Mode > RestartWhen comes up in safe mode and also ddu launches, inspect choices and also encertain every little thing NVIDIA is being flumelted out. Judging by the screenshot, you did some kind of roll-ago only and then tried a newer driver; please wipe it all out with DDU first.The more recent driver package is here: using DDU and rebooting, please download and also install latest Motherboard Chipset as well, initially.

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I have the newest driver, that"s wright here this issue began, 378.78 failed the 3d vision driver.I did restart in safe mode to run ddu (the version I have renders you restart in safe mode), when it finimelted and also rebooted back to home windows
640x480 resolution I clean installed a recognized good driver and acquired the exact same outcome I had been obtaining wbelow it states failed.Also I had been utilizing 3D vision prior to updating to the newest driver and also it operated fine prior to for 3d games and movies yet now it"s choose it hates me or something, no issue what I attempt it won"t install and also I"m not reinstalling windows.I have actually an msi 990fxa Gaming mobo w. Fx8370 cpu, 16gb ddr3 2133mhz ram, sli Asus strix gtx 1070"s and also 4 storage devices 2hdd 2ssd, the point is though I simply had my original 1070 reput and also this just happened as soon as installing the new driver through the new gpu. I"ve had actually it around a week and games and everything else run fine.The 3D stereoscopic usb controller is working appropriately according to its properties in the gadgets and printer list.
It says 369 already installed376 failed...So you"re not even on the latest driver install; you"re on 376.33, which is currently old.Namong those versions must be there / listed if you cleaned out everything by means of DDUCheck the Options within DDU after rebooted to safe mode. Ensure you are actually wiping whatever "NVIDIA"
Got and also ran the new version of DDU and deleted a couple regisattempt worths for nvidia 3d prior to installing the driver and it installed, woot 3D again.
It claims 369 currently installed376 failed...376 was a known great driver I had in my Nvidia folder, I took the screenshot to display that it was failing no matter what I tried.The 3d vision controller doesn"t always have the exact same version number as the driver, they only upday it eincredibly so regularly.
Yes I understand also that? But was I wrong around what I said?Plus it sassist for PhysX "Same or newer variation currently installed"So that tells me DDU was not provided.Now aacquire, human being execute not need to use DDU. When if you are installing driver package over driver package, that is wrong, that is not just how any of this functions. Uninstalling all the current stuff, rebooting and installing the new is just how you would certainly commonly do it, if not utilizing something favor DDU.

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No you weren"t wrong, I had actually a variation of DDU that"s a few months old which may have been contributing, the currently installed bits in the screenswarm were tbelow because I was just installing and reinstalling various versions of the driver in wishes it would job-related. The screenswarm was taken after more than likely like 3 various chauffeurs I tried.
Oh, yea constantly check for more recent DDU from their site maybe once you go to download latest GPU Driver. As they go hand and hand a bit; sometimes older DDU has actually worries effectively rerelocating every little thing from particular more recent driver packeras, their registry keys, and so on As every one of that does change some over time.

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