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It’s 2021 and also almost everyone has access to an individual GPS on their mobile gadget — but let’s not forobtain that digital maps are a recent creation. With the arrival of MapQuest in 1996, online personal mapping progressively became obtainable to the public. This not just reinvented personal navigating — it transcreated the means markets favor area sales operated.

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But prior to Waze, Google Maps, and even TomTom existed — tbelow were five friends from Surrey, England also that built an overnight success software application referred to as Autocourse. Massively popular, it was ultimately downloaded by fifty percent of the computers in the UK. In the late 90s, it was obtained by Microsoft and also spread in North America as Streets and also Trips in 2000.

14 years later, it all of a sudden disshowed up from the sector. So what happened?

What Was Microsoft Streets and also Trips?

Microsoft Streets and also Trips was a mapping and routing routine that helped lay the structure for personal GPS units. Now disongoing, it was a computer program that mapped out roadways, businesses and also locations of interemainder — and shown pins on a map and built multi-soptimal courses from place to place.

In later versions, it presented attributes we are familiar via choose weather considerations, web traffic security and also building and construction updates.

With a really user-friendly interface for its time, Microsoft Streets and also Trips featured ground-breaking modern technology that contained even more than six million miles of map.


The most superior attribute was Streets and also Trips’ capacity to update path indevelopment in genuine time. The software would determine roadways that were under construction and also carry out indevelopment on just how to stop them.

This combination of business data and also route optimization was a success within sales departments. It gave an extensive solution that readily available region creation, route optimization, management efficiency, and also area mapping — efficiently revolutionizing the sales market.

But in 2013, Microsoft determined to discontinue the product; and also then in 2015, it ended its Streets and Trips support lines.


Is Microsoft Streets and Trips Still Available?

Microsoft Streets and also Trips was disongoing as component of Microsoft’s concerted initiative to invest their sources into Bing, a internet search engine expected to rival Google.

It was Microsoft’s hope that Bing Maps would eventually complete with Google Maps, yet that hasn’t exactly panned out so much.

In the end, Streets and also Trips released a goodbye message urging their customers to use Bing Maps rather. In doing so, they lost sight of the enterpincrease industry that offered Streets and Trips for sales. Bing Maps was not a direct replacement and also was inherently a customer product.

Is There a Microsoft Streets and Trips Replacement?

Yes — in 2016 we constructed Map My Customers to replicate the best of what Streets and also Trips had to market, while adding in modern-day features that make it mobile-friendly and also super insightful.

We kbrand-new that as soon as Streets and also Trips vaniburned, enterprises and also businesses had actually no suitable alternative.

Most sales reps had actually wound up resorting to cost-free mapping softwares prefer Google Maps and manually entering each information suggest themselves.

This caused most frustrated customers, consisting of (of course) ourselves...

It was 2015, and we were stuck running our sales courses favor it was 1988. It was inefficient, boring, and in the finish — it simply didn’t make any type of feeling.

That’s why we produced a brand-new software application that does everything (and also more) of what Microsoft Streets and Trips was qualified of:

Route Optimization — Reduce planning and take a trip time with our leading routing algorithmsDocuments Visualization  — Visualize sales methods and customers presented as clickable pins on a mapLead Generation — Identify brand-new customers and develop extra appointments while on the roadPlanning and Contact Management — Log tasks like cold calls and also meetings, track check-ins and also sync it all to your calendarManagement and Reporting — Manage regions, track rep activity and also surconfront sales data distinctive to the area

Unfavor Microsoft Streets and Trips, MMC is built for the phone — definition you have the right to view your routes, schedule and also customer notes from anywhere. On the internet, we have actually dashboards to organize and also analyze your team’s information and also conveniently transfer data between team members or your CRM — all through a modern user interconfront.

Above all — right here at Map My Customers, we promise not to disappear.

Map My Customers compared to Microsoft Streets and Trips

How Map My Customers Can Rearea Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft Streets and also Trips was a powerful tool, however it wasn’t really constructed with the salesperkid in mind. Map My Customers is unique bereason it’s the tool that’s purpose-developed for exterior sales. In truth, I initially built this application specifically for my father, a career field sales expert in the flooring market.

Because of this, we understand exactly what sales reps need. Here, I break dvery own the peak 5 facets of what renders Map My Customers so helpful for reps and also groups in the field:

Microsoft Streets and Trips Alternative for Sales Route Planning and also Optimization

Similar to Microsoft Streets & Trips, one of the keystone features of Map My Customers is the capacity to create in-depth multi-speak paths. Creating these routes is easy and also allows sales reps to construct their a lot of effective day.

Map My Customers visualizes every one of your customers as pins on a map. You have the right to include those pins to a path in a few brief taps or by using our lasso tool to mass-include relevant pins.


Comparable to Microsoft Streets and also Trips, our path optimization takes into account real-time factoring such as traffic congestion, forced stops throughout the road, weather conditions, web traffic accidents and more. Because our platdevelop is powered by Google Maps (prstove by CNBC to be even more precise than Apple Maps) you have the right to rest assured learning that the course directions you obtain will always be the fastest course possible.

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Once your path is developed, you can likewise follow turn-by-turn navigating using a mobile GENERAL PRACTITIONERS of your alternative — consisting of Apple Maps or Waze.

Creating a path on our platdevelop is actually much much easier and also faster to execute than on Microsoft Streets and Trips. In fact, many type of of our customers praise our platform for saving them plenty of hrs that would certainly have actually been spent on driving and also planning paths. Some customers have actually even cut their weekly planning time in half and also lessened their weekly driving time by 200 miles.

When you construct a route with Map My Customers — you also acquire a stop-by-sheight itinerary wright here you have the right to better dictate added information around stops, consisting of customers affiliated, the size of the visit and the full distance traveled. Once you construct your optimized route, you deserve to sync your itinerary to your calendar (like Google Calendar or Outlook) and also add it to your Saved Routes.

Want to readjust your route? Sindicate drag and drop each speak and rearselection it in the order you desire it to be in. You can easily include or remove stops also.

Even much better, routing is obtainable on our internet app, iPhone, iPad and also Android devices.

Microsoft Streets and also Trips Alternative for Sales Documents Visualization

As we discussed above, once you import your customers right into Map My Customers they are displayed as pins on a map. This is useful for routing, however it’s likewise an essential way to visualize and also totally understand also your sales area prefer never before.

In a solitary field of watch, you have the right to check out eextremely customer, prospect or contact shown — making it the perfect visual for the field sales rep (and part of what was so great around Microsoft Streets and also Trips).

Unchoose Microsoft Streets and Trips, but, Map My Customers takes information visualization to new heights. For example, our heat mapping tool can aid you to understand also the geospatial determinants that influence your deals.


You deserve to additionally use Map My Customers to curate a certain view of specific customers. With Grouping and Filtering, you deserve to segment your customers based upon tier, priority, and also product kind — and by radius (in miles) or practice fields.

Map My Customers brings a more insightful watch of your area than Microsoft Streets and also Trips ever could. Once you’ve segmented and also visualized customers as necessary, you can build a new course or click in to the customers to learn even more around them, make a call, or send them an e-mail.

Microsoft Streets and also Trips Alternative for Lead Generation

As a rep in the field, it’s likewise vital to have the ability to keep your pipeline repetitively complete and have new deals coming in. With Map My Customers, you have the right to uncover new leads easily and conveniently with our Lead Generation tool.

Find places of businesses adjacent to develop a day of cold calls to generate brand-new organization. Or, if you discover yourself via a gap in your schedule because of a cancellation — use the Lead Generation tool to find a adjacent possibility.


Although Microsoft Streets and also Trips did not have actually a true Lead Generation tool, they had a comparable organization search comparable to Google Maps that posted reviews and also additional details around avenues.

With Map My Customers, you can quickly find brand-new methods appropriate to you — and also instantly add them as a conserved prospect or offer them a quick speak to.

Microsoft Streets and also Trips Alteraboriginal for Sales Planning and also Contact Management

Whereas Microsoft Streets and also Trips greatly existed as a tool for routing, Map My Customers also acts as a mobile contact management and planning tool.

This means that past routing, you can execute every one of your governmental job-related from your mobile gadget as you go about your day. Some customers have invested approximately 50% much less time doing that admin work, definition they’re spending more time offering.

Before you hit the road, use Map My Customers to pick out your highest priority customers and also develop your itinerary for the day or week.


As you go around your day taking meetings and making cold calls, you deserve to log notes around your customers, add files, and schedule follow-ups as vital. You can even use our Cadence Management tool to indicate as soon as you must follow up via an account.

The best part about this is that you have the right to likewise share this indevelopment via your entire team, which urges clean and also constant data monitoring methods across your whole organization.

Microsoft Streets and Trips Alternative for Sales Team Management and also Reporting

Another method Map My Customers goes beyond Streets and Trips is through leading field team administration use. As a manager, you are able to watch your sales team’s activities and also successes displayed in numerous methods.

With our Field Dashboard, you have the right to watch freshly included service providers, current tasks (prefer calls or emails) and also active deals. Plus, you have the right to proactively compare the performance of your reps by number of tasks logged and by form of task.


You deserve to also click in to an individual rep to view even more around what their day is like and examine in on them.

In addition, conveniently specify sales regions and asauthorize them to a rep so you deserve to gain a true birds’-eye see of your organization’s sales landscape.

Within Reports, you can access tables of more granular indevelopment, task logs, and also included customers. This information have the right to be exported or included through CRMs like Salespressure, HubSpot, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Relocation Streets & Trips Today

Streets and Trips was a revolutionary product, but it was restricted in some of its features. One of the best benefits of Map My Customers is that we are both a web and also mobile solution. You have the right to quickly create courses on the web and have actually it be easily accessible and obtainable from your mobile device (iOS or Android) and vice versa.

We’ve taken the finest of MapPoint and Streets and Trips and boosted them for the requirements of the modern-day outside sales rep. If you haven’t jumped onboard through Map My Customers, you can start here through a cost-free 14-day trial!