Steam installing microsoft vc redist package every time

If I click No, the game launches. If I click Yes, I view the following and then the game launches.

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It"s simply an annoyance, but just how deserve to I proccasion this from happening?

I"ve tried reinstalling both Steam and also the game.


Identify the "steam app" number (I think DOTA2 is 570)

Find the installscript.vdf file in the game"s install folder. Open it via a text editor You will see lines like this:

... InstallScript"{"Run Process"{"DirectX" ...

For every "run process" item prefer DirectX highlighted above, include a brand-new dword parameter in the registry and set it to 1 in the correct regisattempt node. For Dota2, the application node is:


If you utilizing a 32-little bit OS, omit Wow6432Node.

You have the right to study sibling game nodes for more confirmation, yet I think as soon as it all runs, heavy steam additionally adds a dword called "Installed" via a worth of 1.

Racount, an installmanuscript.vdf has a typo (choose "DircetX"). I think you need to copy the typo in the regisattempt entry.

This file may be rewritten when heavy steam updates a game. Clearing the contents is a short-term deal with.

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answered Apr 10 "14 at 19:04

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Go to the magazine wbelow Dota 2 is mounted in your Steam Library.Open installscript.vdf through Notepad or any kind of other message editorReplace the contents with:"InstallScript"Save the file and close Notepad.Set installscript.vdf to be review only by means of the file"s properties.This method Steam should never bug you aget.

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answered Apr 10 "14 at 19:01

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I"d choose to add a solution for the stvariety cases once someones encounters that initially time setup difficulty and also no solution they can find on the Web works.

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What to do Uninstall the previous version of the appropriate Visual C++ Redistributable so that you game"s certain redistributable can install and then tell the Steam client that it (the particular redist) finished correctly.

I have actually offered a full explanation on Steam discussions.

Summary of the explanation

Tbelow are situations when the "First time setup" and subsequently the UAC window are brought about by (read closely, bereason it"s unbelievable to me) a more recent version of the Visual C++ redistributable... Yes, you check out it effectively.

Suppose you have currently installed a game that required a Visual C++ redistributable package (version 10.0.40219 in my case). In instance a game that needs an older version (10.0.30319 in my case) of the package tries to perdevelop its setup, the VC redist installer will certainly fail.

Yes, it will fail instead of reporting a success favor one (meaning "I") would certainly think. The programmers of the VC redist packeras supposedly consider it a failure as soon as trying to install x.y.z while x.y.t, via t > z, is already there.

In my instance, the game wasn"t Dota 2, it was Ace Combat Assault Horizon in its PC variation. Setting worths in the regisattempt didn"t aid. Running Steam as admin didn"t help either. Nopoint did. Except uninstalling the more current variation of the redistributable package.

Reinstall version 10.0.40219 of the distributable. Applications constructed through the latest version of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 call for it.

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Finally, run Windows update. Your game might usage a version 10.0.30319 redistributable that predates protection fixes addressing it (example).