Starcraft 2 no sound windows 10

Hey, I searched google, and also searched for someone who might recognize how to setvr-tab-quebec.come what's going on.

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Here's a straightforward story regarding what's going on through my computer. I haven't played SC2 in a long time. I determined to play aacquire. I'm listening to my playlist of music. I begin up SC2. My music stops playing. I minimize SC2, music player claims music is still running. I alt f4 out of SC2. I can hear music aobtain.I start up SC2 again. Music stopped. I go to sound alternatives in SC2, and also I mess around with all of the settings, and still obtain no sound. I join a game, still no sound. I alt+f4 SC2. I hear my music aget.I usage Windows 7, I usage a lenovo lapheight, all my vehicle drivers and updates are approximately date. This has been going on for around 2-3 months currenvr-tab-quebec.comy.HELPPPPPPPPPPP
Control S.JkYou should collection your sc2 to windowed mode. I think fullscreened mode may mess with alt tabbing.
On December 11 2011 17:57 Brutaxilos wrote:
Control S.JkYou must set your sc2 to windowed mode. I think fullscreened mode may mess with alt tabbing.
I never had actually difficulty with Full screen mode..OP did you inspect your output tool for SC2 is the one you usually use? (starcraft 2 menu > sound setting)

yeah i checked it, i messed through every one of the settings, couldn't setvr-tab-quebec.come the worry. And I can't hear either SC2 sound or my music. It's as if SC2 mutes all sounds.
Try goin to start and also in the search type "sound" and go to the sound panel. And examine for defaults for your sound output gadgets. Also, inspect your mixer while you are in SC2 and also view how your sound outputs are being picked up and also spread.

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Go to sound in manage panel or the bottom ideal of taskbar, playago devices, uncheck these on your main playago tool (or every one of them if you are unsure) and also attempt aobtain after a restart, could fix it.
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Are you still trying to solve this or did some of the advice work? It would be nice to recognize for human being having this difficulty in the future.
anyone understand hwo to resolve this? i have actually no sound on my starcraft 2. I deserve to hear background music but no unit noise.. Cntrl S doesn't work it simply keeps saying sound disabled. I freshly palyed around with my varaible.txt, possibly theres a command also lacking in there?
If you are going to make transforms and carry out tests, remember to cshed and reopen up SC2 after each change you make. Games do not acknowledge brand-new sound settings till they rebegin.

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I personally had this concern just due to because to two sound chauffeurs being collection as Primary, a pest as soon as installing Steelseries Siberia V2 Sound Drivers, refixed this concern by establishing the Siberia regarding default.
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