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If customers reply to your text notifications, you can check out their message and also easily check out if they are on their method or cancelling. Knowing changes in customer plans sooner rather than later will assist you keep your quote times accurate and retain even more customers. Here is just how it works: With a subscription, we asauthorize a unique phone number to your account for sfinishing out the confirmation and notification message messperiods. In addition to having a local area code for sending texts and placing calls, this number allows for a couple extra attributes.Customers can send 2 pre-defined responses to message messperiods to let you understand whether they are coming or not. If a customer texts earlier a "2", you will check out a "coming soon" message in the notes area of the watch. If they text back a "3" the message will certainly say "not joining" and also the row will flash. The default alert that is sent out to customers as soon as you press to notify them describes these alternatives and looks prefer this (you can constantly edit):
If people message ago somepoint other than a 2 or a 3, you’ll see a "message reply" note in their row on their

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Or you can customize the watch choices in your settings to show the full text reply.
Tapping on their row will open up up the Edit Party display screen, which will certainly show their text. You deserve to check out things favor if they discussed exactly how long they would be, if they had actually a quick question, or didn’t understand whether to use a 2 or a 3 and just responded ago with something like "Cancel". You deserve to additionally watch various other important details in the Customer Visit section, such as as soon as you notified them it was their turn, just how lengthy they were quoted, and also just how lengthy they have been waiting.
Pro and Platinum users have the extra feature to send custom message responses to texts obtained, as much as three times per customer visit. The point is to save points straightforward for you and your customers quite than acquire right into a long chat through them that might be time consuming.
If a customer tries to contact the assigned phone number in response to the text or contact coming from that number, they will hear a message explaining that the number is just used for notifications and also it will administer them your constant organization number to contact. Pro/Platinum customers have the alternative to produce a tradition text-to-speech message for handling these inbound calls.Here is more on personalizing notifications.