Sony vaio no operating system found

This write-up mirrors you how to fix error “operating mechanism not found” on Sony Vaio, and gives ways to settle the error for all major laptop brands such as HP, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

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How to settle error “operating device not found” on Sony Vaio?

To resolve the error “”operating device not found” on Sony Vaio, you have the right to do as the complying with steps:

1. Shut down lappeak by holding the power button on the keyboard.2. Start laptop by holding the Assist button on the key-board. The lappeak willinstantly go to “VAIO Care” mode of Sony Vaio.3. Choose “Start BIOS setup”, or you deserve to press F2.4. Choose the tab “BOOT” on the Menu.5. Here you need to obtain right into “Boot Configuration”->”Boot Mode”, and also you cancheck out the current is UEFI.6. Press “Enter” and also pick “Legacy” to change the value.7. In Extfinish Device Boot, adjust the value from “Disabled” to“Enabled”.8. Save all that have readjusted by pick the tab “Exit” on Menu, choose“Save Changes” -> Enter -> Yes.9. After saved all transforms, you can departure “VAIO Care” mode by choosing “ExitSetup”,Press “Enter” -> Yes.

As so far, we have actually repaired “operating device not found” on Sony Vaioefficiently. If not, you have the right to describe more solutions shown in the following content.

Why “operating mechanism not found” happened?

When you boot your Sony Vaio or various other brands PC, the BIOS tries to discover an operatingsystem on a tough drive to boot from. However before, if it is unable to discover one, then, itwill present you the error message “Operating System not found” or the errormessage “Missingoperating system”. This error may be caused by the complying with reasons:

1. An error in BIOS configuration.

2. A faulty hard drive.

3. A damaged Master Boot Record.

Fix operating device not found for all major lapoptimal brands

Here we carry out you 3 prevalent means to resolve operating mechanism not discovered in Windows10/8/7.

Fix 1: Change or reset the BIOS configuration

Fix 2: Check hard drive is working or not

Fix 3: Redevelop MBR

Fix 1: Change or reset the BIOS configuration

Because boot tool not uncovered or operating system is lacking occurs once BIOS is unableto uncover the boot device, checking BIOS settings can be a good solution. To checkthe BIOS settings, follow these steps:

1. Restart the computer system.

2. Press the vital to open up BIOS menu. The vital depends on the computer manufacturerand computer version. It have the right to be any type of of the following: Esc, Del, F2,F8, F10, orF12.

3. When you obtain into the BIOS’ main display screen, you have to check whether itdetects the difficult drive, and whether the boot order is right.

4. If the hard drive is not detected correctly, you have to reset the BIOSsettings to default worths.

1>. Go into BIOS.

2>. Find the Reset to default or Setup default option - it can be a warm vital, oran alternative in the menu.

3>. Choose the recollection option, and answer “Yes” when triggered forconfirmation.

4>. Then, choose the “Exit -> Exit conserving changes” choice.

Fix 2: Check hard drive is functioning or not

The “operating mechanism not found” in Sony Vaio or other brands choose HP, Asus,Dell, Samsung, etc, may bereason of faulty tough drive. Hence, you have to checkwhether the tough disk is functioning or not in BIOS.

1. Plug the AC Adapter into the computer if it is not already associated.

2. Turn off the computer and also wait 5 seconds.

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3. Press the Power switch to start the computer system and also repetitively push the specialkey to enter the BIOS Setup food selection.

4. Use the Arrow Keys to pick Diagnostics or Tools to inspect hard drive is functioning or not.

You deserve to additionally use third-party software program to check whether tright here are negative sectors on thedifficult drive. Like AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which enables you to perform that.

1. Connect the tough drive to a valid Windows COMPUTER which set up AOMEI PartitionAssistant (you have the right to downfill AOMEI PartitionAssistant Standard free from its main website).

2. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click the hard disk you want toexamine. Select Surface Test.


3. Click Start to examine the hard disk.


If tright here is nothing wrong through the tough drive, you can discover other solutions for“operating device is not found” on Sony Vaio or other computer. If tbelow is badsectors, you can try to solve it or replace the disk through excellent one.

Fix 3: Reconstruct MBR

If the “operating mechanism not found” error is caused by a damaged grasp bootdocument, then you should resolve the MBR error.

1. Start your computer with a Windows installation CD/DVD.

2. Click Repair Computer -> Recovery Option-> Command Prompt.

3. Type the adhering to regulates to settle MBR:

Bootrec.exe /scanos

Bootrec.exe /FixMbr

Bootrec.exe /FixBoot

Bootrec.exe /rebuidbcd

If you do not have actually the Windows installation disc, you can usage AOMEI PartitionAssistant to develop a bootable disc and rebuild MBR by AOMEI PartitionAssistant.

Step 1. Use AOMEI Partition Assistant to produce a bootable media (USB,CD/DVD) on another normal COMPUTER.

Step 2. Insert the bootable tool you created prior to to thecomputer which presented “Operating system not found” error, and also boot thecomputer from the bootable media.

Tip 3. It will certainly display screen the main interchallenge of AOMEI PartitionAssistant after booting. Right click the disk, pick Reconstruct MBR.


Tip 4. Set the type of MBR for the existing OS. ClickOK.


Step 5. Confirm the operating and also clickApply.>Proceed.


Finally, remove the bootable device, and also restart your computer from the difficult drivecommonly.

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As so far, you have actually learned the ways for exactly how to solve “Operating system not found” onSony Vaio or other brands. AOMEI Partition Assistant is even more than a tool that helps you to test disk, or rebuild MBR. It is also a partition manager that deserve to help you produce partition, format partition, resize partition, etc. You can upgrade to its professional edition to unlock even more attributes, such as cloning GPT device disk, converting dynamic disk right into basic without shedding data. Well, if you are Windows Server customers, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to settle those troubles quickly.