Sony mdr xb950bt connect to pc

I'm wanting to buy this headphones. I was originally planning on getting an all roughly headphones that I have the right to work-related out, play games, and also listen to music via. I made a decision this bereason I already had their Extra Bass In-Ear ones and ever given that having actually usage those; I have bought 3 more pairs, still using my first pair for virtually 2 years currently, I've become a fan. I have actually been analysis and reportedly the mic only functions with a phone. I simply desire to confirm this. I'm really disappointed why it would certainly not job-related for a laptop via bluetooth. Does the integrated mic job-related for laptops?

Thank you

This is the headphones:


Thank you for quick the response.

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Damn, I never knew these existed! May I ask, is this just a plug to the headcollection and also play? Also, it is safe to just buy any from Amazon right?

Thank you!

Looking at the specs, it looks prefer you just have to make certain that the laptop/computer you're connecting your headphones to has actually Bluetooth 4.1 or greater. If it does, then the mic need to work-related simply fine as a sound input gadget in devmgmt.msc (the hardware tools list in Windows), and also input/output devices once you right-click the sound symbol in taskbar (on the bottom right).

Thank you for the quick response.

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I have actually a Lenovo Yoga 720, and also I simply checked Device Manager, it has 4.1 with the driver name. I'm wondering, wbelow did you uncover that this headphones have 4.1 Bluetooth, or how else execute you understand this will certainly work?

I really hope this functions, cus I setup to buy from Amazon as soon as it goes on sale, and also I don't desire to rerevolve it haha.

I did some rebrowsing and some world say it could not occupational. This for example:

I can be late yet I just stumbled throughout this article. I usage my 950's for gaming and also listening to music. They work excellent for gaming (Xbox 1). I play PubG and also I have the right to pinpoint specifically where players are roughly me. The developed in mic never did job-related for gaming. The mic just worked via a telephone. I kbrand-new this prior to I bought them so I bought a VModa mic to usage for gaming.

This mic is the one I bought. It is pricey currently yet I found it on sale for favor $18-$20 as soon as I bought it.

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I had the headphones for two years before the headband also damaged. I never before operated out or ran in them (strictly gaming and also music). It broke ideal where the headphones turn. The plastic cracked where the screws are. Luckily I was able to duct tape and super glue. Lasted much longer than my Beats Studio Wiremuch less. Wanted to give you an upday on durcapacity.