Something went wrong and word was unable to start 24


Word Error 24 message is linked with trying to open up a document from Windows Explorer once the Pevaluation pane is shown. This error may also happen if the Office installation is corrupted.

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Sorry,something went wrong and Word was unable to start. (24)

Possible Solutions for Word Error 24

Step 1: Turn Auto Preview off in Windows Explorer/ Repair Preview pane

This concern have the right to be resulted in by the Windows Pevaluation Pane. Follow the steps below to either revolve of the Pevaluation pane if it has been turned on or repair the Ptestimonial pane in Windows explorer.

Turn auto preview off in traveler.

In Windows 10, open up an traveler home window, click the view tab and dechoose the “preview pane” button. Both problems have actually gone ameans.

Repair the pevaluation pane

Run Regmodify as administrator and delete these regisattempt keys:

Microsoft Excel previewer:


Microsoft PowerPoint previewer:


Microsoft Word previewer:


Microsoft Visio previewer:


Step 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Office

If the initially step does not solve your concern, attempt uninstalling and re-installing your Microsoft Office Application.

Open the Control Panel.

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How you open the Control Panel depends on your version of Windows.

Windows 10

In the search box on the job bar, typeregulate panel, then selectControl Panel.SelectPrograms>Programs and Features, then right-click your Microsoft Office product, and chooseUninstall.Follow the prompts to finish the uninstall.Note:Once vr-tab-quebec.complete you deserve to start the re-installation process.

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