Someone else is using this pc

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When you ask your COMPUTER to stop or rebegin, Windows first checks if various other Windows user accounts have energetic sessions. This happens if you lock your Windows session and also log in through an additional user account before logging out.

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If Windows determines that an additional user has not logged out appropriately, it display screens the message “Someone else is still using this COMPUTER. This various other user might shed unsaved data in open up applications if you pressure a required restart. It is typically a good idea to sheight below and let the various other user log in, conserve his job-related and also log out prior to avoiding.

On Windows, you deserve to click on “Shut down anyway” if you are sure that the various other user does not have actually an open task to save. This will force the other user account to log out and also cshed all open up applications. Unconserved data will be lost.

If you are the just associated user, this message does not show up and Windows moves directly to the next action.

April 2021 Update:

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FIX: ‘Someone Else Is Still Using This PC’ in Windows 10

Right-click the Start button or push the W8K + X butloads and also select Settings.In the Settings application, go to Accounts > Login Options.Scroll dvery own the Connection Options display and, under Privacy, deselect Use connection information to immediately finish the installation of my device after an upday or rebegin. Close the Settings application.Perform procedures 1 to 3 for each of the user accounts you have actually on the device, then restart the machine and examine that the difficulty is fixed.

Logging out of the previous user


It turns out that this problem deserve to additionally be caused by an incomplete disconnection of a previous user. Several Windows customers that also encountered this problem reported that they were able to resolve the problem by making use of the Task Manager to disaffix the user that was staying clear of shutdown or restart.

Here is a quick guide to disaffix the previous user from the Task Manager:

Press Ctrl + Shift + Get in to open the Task Manager.Once in the Task Manager interconfront, choose the Users tab from the horizontal food selection at the optimal.Then go to the Users list, right-click on the user that is no much longer logged in and also pick Disconnect from the brand-new context food selection that shows up.Try repeating the activity that previously motivated the error ‘Someone else is still utilizing this PC’ and watch if the problem is solved.

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