Size on disk smaller than size

We have actually a Windows 2012 Veeam Server through a volume that we use to keep our backups on. The volume has actually a capacity of 14.9 TB and has information deduplication enabled.

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On the volume tright here are folders for the different backup tasks. These folders have actually a smaller sized size on disk than their actual size because of information deduplication. The amount of the dimension on disk of all the folders is about 8 TB, however home windows mirrors that there"s only 64 KB totally free room left on the disk.

The folder choice to present hidden documents, folders and drives is enabled.

Does anyone understand just how I can view why there"s a discrepancy between the amount of the size on disk of the folders and the complimentary room left on the disk?


With deduplication turned on, the "size on disk" value is meaningless. It"ll just tell you the amount of disk room provided by the not (or not yet) deduplicated or compressed records pieces.

E.g. if you"ve obtained 2 10 GB documents that share 8 GB the same data and differ only in 2 GB, both documents will present only 2 GB "size on disk" while 8 GB dereplicated information is concealed. If those 2 GB are also compressible, the file shows 0 "dimension on disk".

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Deduplicated information is surprise in System Volume Information and also is normally invisible. Even if you make it visible you can not make out which components go wright here.

If you delete records to cost-free up area you must better run garbage arsenal to complimentary up the unprovided, decopied chunks as well (dedupcli enqueue /gc /vol X:).


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