Show week number in google calendar

Tright here are a lot of sectors wright here the number of the week in a year is as considerable as the day of the week. Up till now, Google Calendar"s desktop site hasn"t actually shown that information natively, which was a bummer for those that might have required it. But, that specific omission has now been remepassed away, as Google has actually included a setup to display week numbers on the desktop computer website for Google Calendar.

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The brand-new option in Settings (left), numbered weeks in month see (right).

The brand-new choice is in Setups (open the cog icon at the height left, choose "Settings") -> View choices -> Sjust how week numbers. Previously to obtain week numbers to appear you had actually to usage a workapproximately like importing a custom calendar, and also even then it didn"t look quite so nice as this new setting.

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Week number has been accessible on the Google Calendar app for Android for a little now, so it"s nice to watch the desktop website acquiring the very same function.

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Thanks: Nicolai von Hirsch

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