Should i update to windows 10 reddit

A while earlier (I think when FO4 VR acquired released) some people pointed out that the Fall Creators Upday for Windows 10 was leading to some major performance concerns for gaming.. and particularly VR gaming, so I organized off updating my device. Despite Microsoft's persistence on asking me to upday my device, I never did for fear of performance problems.

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I don't usage this COMPUTER for anypoint various other then gaming and the occasional netflix movie, Is it worth it to upday my mechanism now or will certainly I loose some performance in games choose FO4 or Skyrim? Has anybody noticed problems while making use of VR or have they been functioned out?


exact same below, I constantly install Win10 updates and brand-new GPU chauffeurs. The only worry I've had in 2+ years of Vive was the babsence screen bug from nvidia drivers a couple of months back.

You sadly won't have a selection.

Windows is going to decide to upday itself ultimately, and just shutdvery own whatever before you are doing to execute the upday. Hope it's not something important!

They tried that multiple times, I rolled earlier. Eventually I just shut dvery own the home windows update server under solutions.

I sassist I was persistent around not getting the autumn creators update

If you don't use the PC for much you have the right to most likely go ahead without many problems.

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If you do however customize your stuff, be ready to have a lot of of it recollection on eexceptionally major upday. It's fundamentally an in-location install of a brand-new OS. They're supposedly trying to keep settings and also such, yet they really seem to suck at it.

Well I was in the very same boat for awhile, type of. Went to good lengths to defer updays for the maximum amount of time in hopes that if tbelow were VR performance or various other problems due to an upday, they would gain operated out by the moment I finally updated. But one of the updates undid all that without me being automatically aware of it and I've been gaining the regularly reserved updays considering that. Haven't had any type of significant issues via VR yet a few unrelated annoyances (Cortana acquired re-allowed and my symbol positions in folders I keep on the desktop computer no longer conserve, among various other things).

Fwiw existing Windows construct as of a few days back is 1803; the farther you loss behind the longer it could require to upday (there's a utility that might speed it along) and also as someone else stated Microsoft is ultimately going to get their means.

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You could still do what I had been doing I intend and collection updays to defer as lengthy as feasible to enable time for concerns to acquire functioned out.