Setpoint installation could not be completed

Earlier this week I developed a fresh online machine of Windows XP Home for use in permanent XP fiddling.

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I wanted to usage my Logitechnology Cordless Desktop LX 710 laser keyboard/computer mouse collection via it; specifically the LX7 computer mouse which has actually handy left-wheel & right-wheel click assistance. I think these are referred to as the “Tilt-wheel plus” function. I set these to copy & paste features and deserve to really scream through work-related. It takes Logitech SetPoint software drivers to allow these additional click-switch features fully.


So I hopped over to the web page over and also then to the downlots link,stepped with the options, and came up to the XP SetPoint 6.32 downpack web page for this particular model (which I suspect it is for many all SetPoint hardware…).

Downloaded the file (setpoint632_smart.exe) and proceeded via the install.

The initially time I ran it, I got an error “SetPoint failed to install. Please rebegin your computer and also try aacquire. (223,224,225,221,222)”


Rinse/repeat. This time it went on “properly.” However once I saw connumber the click buttons, the choices weren’t tright here.

Curiously, I now had the Logitechnology folder in my Program list, yet the “Mouse and also Keyboard” launch icon pointed to nowbelow.

Tried a few more times and also each time caused either the exact same error as prior to, or a “successful” install with no actual installation of the core SetPoint application into my Program Files folder.

Getting a little frustrated, I seen a couple of points.

First I chased the SetPoint software location via the application shortcut being produced. It maintained pointing to a non-existent “C:Program FilesLogitech” folder. Hmm. For some reason it shows up the folder wasn’t being made.

So I next ran Process Monitor and was able to trace the unpacking of the (setpoint632_smart.exe) location as it functioned. On 32-bit XP units, it shows up to unload a major temporary installation folder to “C:Documents and SettingsuserprofileLocal SettingsTempLogitech”

At initially a folder “SetPointSI_1” is produced, followed by a secondary “SetPointSI32_1” folder, then contents of which are pulled down from the internet. Once the installation procedure is completed, the contents of these folders are removed. I also discovered that during the installation procedure you have the right to copy these folders/contents to one more area to maintain them after the installation completes and also the originals are removed.

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Unfortunately, manually running these “recovered” installers didn’t lead to obtaining SetPoint effectively set up on my XP device, nor did trying to manually install the drivers. I really needed the SetPoint application itself to install.

A long survey on Google uncovered rather many customers on the internet (not just XP users) who simply could not get SetPoint to install on their devices using the intelligent/web-based SetPoint installer download; in addition to many type of exceptionally clever…however generally inreliable tips on acquiring it going.

Ultimately I uncovered this article in a Logitechnology forum: Unable to install Setsuggest 6.32 on Windows 7 x64 - Logitechnology Forums.

“Meltech” recommfinished installing in a Clean Boot mode. I didn’t feel choose trying that, however the poster likewise offered 32/64 little bit download links.

Interestingly, these were not the setpoint632_smart.exe file, however links to the standard SetPoint installation packperiods. I downloaded and offered the 32-little (setpoint632.exe) file.

It went on via no drama and also voilà, this SetPoint installer produced the lacking C:Program FilesLogitech” folder through all the contents. I had the ability to then set my mouse-wheel-tilt-clicky buttons simply fine!

Repeating the procedure and carefully keeping an eye on it, this installer unpacks itself to “C:Documents and SettingsuserprofileLocal SettingsTempLogitech” and creates a “SetPoint_1” folder.

Comparing this folder versus the “SetPointSI32_1” folder from the other installer finds the majority of similarities and distinctions. Bottom line is that the “full” installer brings a lot more records to the party than the web-based intelligent installer.

(Actually, tbelow are LOT even more folders and also stuff (hopefully) produced in both installation events. Use of Mirekusoft Install Monitor or one more comparable tool like Directory Monitor or Track Folder Changes will certainly ferret them all out for you.)

One file to look for via excellent information is the installation log file uncovered on XP at

C:Documents and also SettingsuserprofileApplication DataLogishrdsp6_logsp6_setup.log

Anyway…to amount up a short-blog write-up obtaining longer than intended…

If you are having issues with the Logitechnology intelligent/web-based “Smart installer package”, attempt the “full” version instead. Yes it is a larger downpack, but doesn’t seem to existing any kind of installation worries.

You can either look in the Logitech FTP website for the latest SetPoint installer file(s): Index of

(note: the documents through a “j” in the name are Japanese versions.)

Or…you deserve to closely check out the Logitechnology download web page for your specific product (doh!) and obtain it directly from that web page (instance below).

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Hopecompletely this write-up will certainly aid someone else who is struggling to gain a “clean” install of Logitech SetPoint running on their Windows system; simply offer the “Full” version a try.