Selective suspend idle timeout in seconds

“The USB selective suspend feature allows the hub driver to suspfinish an individual port without affecting the procedure of the other ports on the hub. Selective suspension of USB tools is particularly helpful in portable computer systems, because it helps conserve battery power. Many kind of devices, such as fingerprint readers and various other kinds of biometric scanners, just need power intermittently. Suspfinishing such devices, when the gadget is not in use, reduces in its entirety power consumption.”

Sounds pretty excellent, right? Well, unfortunately, the selective suspfinish establishing has actually been well-known to cause difficulties via some setups. Sometimes USB ports will certainly disaffix seemingly at random, or the USB device won’t be properly “woken up” and also is presented as an unknown device. Normally, the tools will certainly be recognized aobtain after the device is restarted. If you are having these or similar problems with your USB devices, disabling the USB selective suspend establishing may aid.

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The quickest method to accessibility this setting is to perdevelop a search in the start food selection for “Edit power plan” (no quotes) and picking the ideal enhance.


In the “Edit Plan Settings” home window that opens up, click the “Change advanced power settings” attach.


In the “Power Options” home window that opens, expand "USB settings" and you should view the USB selective suspend setting.

Change the USB selective suspend establishing to Disabled and click OK. The system I provided for this overview is a lappeak, which is why I have 2 settings: one for when the system is plugged in, and one for when the mechanism is on battery power.

That’s it! Hopefully this will fix any problems you might be having actually via your USB tools not waking up correctly.

Still having actually problems?

If your USB gadgets are still having actually power or sleep related difficulties, tright here is a even more step that we have the right to take.

Right click your start food selection and click “Device Manager”.

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Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.

In this list, tright here are usually fairly a couple of USB Root Hubs and also USB controllers. Unmuch less you know specifically which one your gadget is plugged in to, then you will must perform this adjust on eexceptionally hub and also controller listed here.

Right click a Root Hub and click properties.


Select the “Power Management” tab.


Uncheck the “Allow the computer system to rotate off this tool to conserve power” setting and also click OK.


Repeat as required for the other USB Root Hubs/controllers.

This will completely disable Windows power monitoring features for your USB ports, and hopefully solve any sleep/power associated problems you may be having with your USB tools. This will increase the amount of power that your mechanism consumes slightly, relying on the number and also type of USB tools you have associated to the system, but this is generally a problem for laptops quite than desktops.

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If you are still having trouble via your USB gadgets after percreating these alters, then you should make sure that your motorists are approximately date, and also that the USB tool itselfisn't failing.