Security policy prevents use of home key

I am making use of Knox via phelp license and also after updating to Android 10, restrictionPolicy.setHomeKeyState(false) gets rid of Home button entirely from the display screen, it is not disabling simply the usability yet removes it completely. Is tbelow any various other function that I can usage simply for disabling functionality? Or this can be resolved in the Knox API speak to itself? 

Tested on Samsung Galaxy A10e via Android 10 and Samsung Galaxy A51 through Android 10. 


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Hello Dean,

I can confirm that this is the intended behaviour. In Android 10, upon calling setHomeKeyState(false), the Home crucial is "disabled" and also disshows up from the bottom navigation bar, leaving the Task Switcher vital and also Back essential. Tbelow is no various other Knox API to disable this key unless your application is running in Kiosk mode. Is there a factor why you would like the Home vital to remain visible, but ineffective?

Thank you,Victor

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In previous versions of Android, I obtain a toast "Security plan prevents utilizing of Home essential." however the Home intent was sent out and I have a function concerned the Home intent. Basically, with disabling the Home vital I want to proccasion individuals from starting the cam through double-press or obtaining out of the application. Also, I am using proKioskManager.setHardKeyIntentState(true) so I am running in Kiosk mode. I believe this technique turns on/off hard key intent reporting. Any solution using Kiosk mode so I have the right to make the Home switch visible, but starting the electronic camera or long-push of the Home switch to be disabled?

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Victor Angelo Parangue

8 months ago

Hello Dean,

You have the right to try the following APIs: KioskMode.getHardwareKeyList and also , boolean)">KioskSetting.allowHardwareKeys.

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First, usage the getHardwareKeyList API to check if the Home essential have the right to be blocked via allowHardwareKeys. The Keycode number or ID for the Home crucial is 3.

After confirming that "3" is among the entries returned by getHardwareKeyList, attempt using the allowHardwareKeys API to disable the house vital. Please review the allowHardwareKeys API documentation incredibly very closely as I noticed that the consumption instance on the documentation is not formatted effectively and would cause errors.

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I"ve tested this on my Note 10 and also have the right to confirm the Home switch continues to be visible and after hitting it I receive the toast "Security plan prevents use of this hardware essential.".

You point out that you "have actually a attribute regarded the Home intent". With this method, I cannot guarantee that the Home intent will certainly still be sent choose prior to, so please test this.

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This API and also the RestrictionPolicy.setHomeKeyState are the only APIs that deserve to "disable" the house crucial, so I hope this solution is viable for you.