Seatools for windows hangs scanning for supported drives

Tutorial for the usage of SeaTools for Windows, explaining the most widespread features:

First: Downfill and install SeaTools.

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Launch SeaTools by adhering to these steps as soon as it is installed:If you have actually a SeaTools for Windows symbol on your desktop computer, simply launch the program from right here. If not, follow these procedures.

Click on Start.Select Programs.Select SeaTools for Windows.

A. Prepare the System

Isolate SeaTools - cshed all other applications before running a tough disk diagnostic. The main factor for this is to store the drive focused on SeaTools as much as feasible. Otherwise, Windows will certainly continue to offer the disk drive commands to accessibility data for the demands of the other applications. When that happens, SeaTools will certainly temporarily suspend its present progress while the drive is busy. This is harmmuch less to the drive and a program problem of use; but, it reasons the SeaTools tests to take a lot longer time to finish.This is harmmuch less to the drive and a regimen condition of use; yet, it reasons the SeaTools tests to take much much longer time to finish.SeaTools" Drive Identification - External drives that attach to the device via USB, 1394 Firewire, or eSATA perform not have actually the very same background activity as the inner drive. Internal drives are determined as PATA (Parallel ATA or IDE), SATA (Serial ATA), SCSI, or SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI). Many desktop and notebook devices have one SATA or PATA inner drive.Keep the computer fully powered on - Power management controls might must be suspfinished while doing incredibly long tests. A finish drive scan may take a few hrs to complete. The drive is working on its own at these times and the mechanism may decide it need to go right into Standby or Hibernate modes.Click on the Start or Windows symbol button in the bottom left edge of your Windows desktop computer.Select Control Panel.Select Power Options.The setting "Turn off tough disks" need to be set to "Never" while running any kind of SeaTools for Windows test.Plug in your lapheight computer - Lapoptimal units should not run the lengthy tests making use of simply battery power. These tests are disk-intensive and also will certainly attract more present than a typical intake profile. Be certain to attach the AC adapter to encertain adequate power in the time of the tests.

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B. Select the Drives to TestAfter SeaTools lots, the display will certainly list the various storage devices in your device. Select the drive you would choose to test by making a examine note in package alongside the drive indevelopment. This display likewise display screens information about the drives such as the Model Number and also Serial Number. design numbers start through the letters "ST". serial numbers are alphanumeric and also eight personalities lengthy.However, Seadevices for Windows regularly displays the serial number and also also the model number of the inner drive inside the outside instance, and also these numbers execute not correspond to the numbers that assigns to the exterior unit as a whole.(For aid on finding the model number of a drive, please see our "Find Your Model and also Serial Numbers" Knowledge Base short article.), Samsung, LaCie and also Maxtor drives models are given a gold drive icon. drives have a silver drive iconYou may choose more than one drive at a time to test them at the same time.


C. Select the Tests to Run

A food selection of the possible diagnostic tests is displayed. All Basic Tests are data safe, read-just tests. Select the tests that you would certainly choose to perdevelop. The test will certainly start automatically.These tests include:

Fix AllQuick Drive Self Test (20 to 90 seconds long)Drive InformationShort GenericLong Generic (progress in 1% increments and may take a number of hours to complete)


When you launch the "Short Drive Self Test" (DST) most drives will certainly run a thorough diagnostic routine that is developed right into the tough drive"s firmware. DST is totally information safe.The "Short Drive Self Test" is enough for a lot of cases.The “Brief Generic” test is similar and also tests assorted areas of the drive. If you need a more thorough test then think about running the “Long Generic”, which reads each sector on the drive.The lengthy tests will certainly take time to complete. Because the long tests read eextremely sector on the drive, the amount of time required will depend on the speed and capacity of the disk drive. The noticeable absence of task often offers the impression that the drive or software application has quit responding.The “Fix All” tests carry out the capacity to resolve problem LBA’s (bad sectors). There are two alternatives via the “Fix All” tests, “Fast” and also “Long”. Be sure that you have every one of your data backed up prior to running any of the “Fix All” tests. When SeaTools reallocates these trouble sectors the actual data in a details sector is unreadable and currently shed. Unless the drive is complete of information, it is fairly feasible for the problem sector to be empty of information, anymeans.“Fix All Fast” supplies the drive"s activity logs to recognize suspicious sectors which may or might not be negative. SeaTools goes to each one in the list and if it really is poor the regime will certainly attempt to realsituate that one sector. If effective SeaTools moves on to the following if not effective then the test stops working. On average the moment is less than 5 minutes.“Fix All Long” does a sequential scan of the media and discovers any problem sectors and also attempts to reallocate them along the method. The time is extremely lengthy and might take numerous hrs (about 3 hrs per TB).

D. Aborting the Diagnostics

The SeaTools perdevelops a data-safe test of the schosen hard disk drive or device for feasible malattributes. Long tests might be aborted at any kind of time. Select the Abort Tests symbol from the food selection bar. You have the right to abort the test at any type of time without harming the drive, although the drive will certainly not be totally tested if the test is aborted.

E. Synopsis of ResultsUpon completion of running the diagnostics, a log for each drive is saved to the regime installation folder. You can check out the log by clicking Help> View Log File. You deserve to likewise check out a log around the test outcomes by clicking on either “Pass Info” or “Fail Info”, depending on the outcomes of the test, once the test is done beside the “Help” alternative. Then you will watch three tabs: “Pass Info”, “Warranty Checker” and “View Log File”.


The following problems may apply to the test results:



More often than not, SeaTools for Windows will certainly test through a PASS status. SeaTools for Windows is a helpful experimentation tool to remove the hard disk drive as the resource or physical reason of some mechanism trouble.A drive deserve to be perfectly healthy but also have corrupted information. If this is the situation, perdevelop a chkdsk operation. If it fails, then the data needs to be re-mounted, re-conserved or respanned.Bad sectors (LBAs) may be detected in the time of the test. The test will halt through a Fail standing. SeaTools for Windows has the capacity to repair poor sectors using the “Fix All” choice under the “Basic Tests” switch. Chkdsk can likewise repair bad sectors.If this software program suggests a FAIL test standing and you are trial and error an outside hard drive, which offers a USB or 1394 form of bus link then you have to take into consideration making use of the “Fix All Long” alternative. Make sure that, if you can access your information, you have actually everything backed up before running the “Fix All” alternative. Recoextremely Services will not have the ability to recover information from an unreadable sector. If you carry out not have all of your data backed up and also you cannot afford to shed any kind of of the data then you must call our information recoexceptionally department, Recoincredibly Services. To run a “Fix All” choice put a inspect mark inside the box beside the serial number you wish to run it on. Then click on “Basic Tests”, then float your computer mouse over “Fix All” and click on “Long”. Next you’ll see a window pop up telling you to backup your data and also explaining the test. From below you will certainly need to push F8 to begin the “Fix All” selection.

SeaTools will FAIL the drive if a repair is uneffective. If SeaTools fails to repair the negative sectors we recommfinish checking the warranty status of your device.

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If you are testing an internal PATA (IDE) or SATA disk drive we recommend that you run the “Long Test” in the bootable version, SeaTools for DOS, which has actually the capability to repair negative sectors likewise. Running the “Fix All” tests on an internal drive that is also running your operating system will make the test take a much longer amount of time. Using the bootable DOS variation of SeaTools will allow the tests to run a lot much faster. To execute this you will certainly need to burn the ISO file to a CD, then boot to the disk and also run the “Long Test” from there. The SeaTools for DOS ISO file have the right to be discovered in the SeaTools for Windows program documents installation folder. When you run the “Long Test” SeaTools will give you a list of the problem LBA’s (bad sectors) at the end of the test and ask you if you desire to repair them all or one at a time. If the test fails to repair the bad sectors, we recommend checking the warranty standing of your drive.You have the right to inspect the warranty condition for products at the Warranty Validation web page. You will certainly must compose down the serial number for the drive you intend to check. Please click below to continue to the Warranty Validation Page.Please remember that SeaTools for Windows occasionally screens the serial number and also the version number of the inner drive inside the exterior case. This just occurs via external drives. See the drive label to verify that the serial number is correct.