Screen flashing black when playing games

after putting some games in high performance mode all the games the are in high performance made the display screen flicker

and also made the game slow-moving too

if you have the right to find a solution please help

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The concern can have actually been brought about as a result of graphics motorists which are mounted or if the games are incompatible via Windows 8.1.

I imply you to follow the listed below techniques to resolve the concern.

Method 1: Change Display refresh rate

It can happen if your computer screen refresh price is too low. You have the right to minimize or eliminate flicker by increasing the screen refresh rate. A refresh price of at leastern 75 hertz mostly produces less flicker.

Press Windows Key + X. Click “Control Panel”.Click on “Display”.Click on “Changedisplay settings”.Click on "State-of-the-art Settings".Click on Monitor tab.Click the drop down arrowhead under the "ScreenRefresh Rate" and select the option to higher or reduced the "RefreshRate" for your Monitor and also click "Apply",click "OK".

Note: Try to set it to 60Hz or 75Hz.

Note: If problem still persist proceed with Method 2.

Method 2: Percreate a clean boot in Windows

Putting your device in Clean Boot state helps in identifying if any kind of third party applications or startup items are resulting in the problem. You should follow the measures from the post pointed out listed below to perdevelop a Clean Boot.

How to percreate a clean boot in Windows

Note: After troubleshooting, refer to this area "How to recollection the computer system to start usually after clean boot troubleshooting".

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Note: If concern still persist continue through Method 3.

Method 3.Upday the display screen card drivers

I would certainly advise you to upday the display card motorists whereby performance of the game boosts.

To upday display card driver, follow the steps below:

Press Windows Key + X. Click on “Device Manager” from that list.Expand also "screen adapter".Right click on the display adapter mounted.Click on update driver software application and select the option to immediately search for the updated driver software.Restart the computer after its updated and verify.

Also attempt to access the computer manufacturer"s webwebsite and also downfill the latest display drivers for your computer and also install the same.

In Addition, refer the post below for further assistance.

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Hope this indevelopment helps. If you have further concerns feel totally free to reply and we would be glad to aid.