Samsung tablet date and time wrong

Not having actually the right time on your Android device can obtain you right into some severe problems. You can become late for an essential meeting or miss your favorite TV present.

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But, even though you put the right time on your Android gadget, it keeps altering. Let’s get the issue under regulate with the complying with tips, but don’t foracquire to attempt your prevalent reboot to check out If the difficulty goes amethod.

How to Set the Right Time on Your Android Device

If it’s the first time your Android device’s time is wrong, perhaps you just need to manually readjust it this one time. To readjust the time on your Android 10 tool, go to:


SettingsSystemDate & time

Once you’re in Date & Time, you can collection the moment manually, yet you’ll have to toggle off the Use network-gave time alternative. After that, the options to change the moment and date will light up.

The network-offered alternative seldom reflects the wrong time, yet it is this time, a simple toggle off and also back on just could execute the trick.

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If your Android tool is running on Android 9, you deserve to manually set the moment by going to:


SettingsGeneral managementDate and also timeDisable Automatic day and also timeManually set day and time

When Time Zones Are an Issue

If you’re an Android user that travels a lot, then you’ve certainly run into the moment zone problem. But, by straight editing the time zone, you should be great to go. To adjust the moment zone go to:


SettingsSystem (swipe all the method down)Date & timeToggle off Use network-gave time zoneSelect Time zone

How to Fix Wrong Time on Widget

Time widgets deserve to likewise fail from time to time. To obtain the appropriate time on the widget, you have the right to try re-adding the widgain. You can carry out that by long-pressing on the widget that’s offering you troubles and sliding it towards the top in the direction of the Remove choice.


Once the widobtain is gone, it’s time to put it earlier wright here it used to be. Long-press on the empty room wright here you want to place the widgain and tap on the Widgets option.

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Select and drag the widgain to its new position and use the dots to readjust its dimension.


There are various other easy feasible fixes you deserve to try, such as turning on airplane mode for a couple of minutes and then turning it off. Also, you can try checking to see if tbelow is a brand-new system update easily accessible that will resolve that glitch by going to Settings > Settings > System updays. Which pointer are you going to try first?