Samsung monitor auto adjustment not available

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Thanks, yes I understand also this, what I"m trying to carry out is STOP my device from calling Auto-adjust, yet I don"t understand whether the call is coming from Windows, the graphics card, or if it"s a fault via the monitor itself. I"ve tried swapping the HDMI cable and resetting the monitor, to no effect. Next step will certainly be swapping with other PCs and monitors, yet that entails re-wiring, and scrambling around in the attic for an old VGA cable, so was hoping to avoid!
i think its the monitor, the fact it mirrors in BIOS indicates its not home windows, at the incredibly least. I think monitor is reacting mistakenly to signals sent to it by means of PC. Could attempt using the outputs on ago of motherboard rather of the GT 710, just to rerelocate possibility its the GPU yet I doubt it is. Try plugging monitor into one more COMPUTER and watch if it still happens.
The plot thickens. Connected to another PC through NVidia GTX 1660: Perfect (watched for roughly 30 mins).Connected to a even more PC with a NVidia GTX 750Ti: one Auto-change message, then perfect (watched for about 45 minutes).Using VGA monitor - perfect, in reality I could just usage the VGA output, this PC is only for doing Office stuff on.Unfortunately I can"t check through the motherboard graphics because this is a i5 9400F CPU which does not perform incorporated graphics (things you learn). Interestingly, it hasn"t displayed the message again considering that I plugged it all earlier together and written this article. The joys of an intermittent fault.Anymeans, many thanks for motivating me to execute all these tests!
i would test it for much longer on an additional PC and also watch if it reflects up tright here, as considering that it is random, it can just require time to present.Could be a authorize you require a new monitor. Something isn"t quite right inside monitor if its showing that error as soon as you haven"t pressed a switch and do not have actually a VGA cable attached.or just usage vga till it gets one more problem... since its simply a spare pc.

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Do you have any kind of proof you bought it? I intend the serial code on monitor would tell Samsung as soon as it was made.Maybe attempt asking on right here -
Oh yes of course, I simply got it from Ebuyer, I imagine I can insurance claim under the warranty also without the original packaging. I"m simply a bit annoyed I threw package away, I commonly store packaging for ever! What I think I really have to do initially is affix my nice monitor (samsung U32J59) to this PC and inspect it does not perform the same point, just to preeminence out probs via the graphics card or the Win 10 installation. Unfortunately this requires also even more re-wiring.

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Worth a try yet I would be surprised. its not a home windows error, it is only discovered on Samsung monitors, and I do not think a GPU might somejust how tell the monitor its utilizing VGA as soon as it isn"t. the monitor controls that I think. It should know what relationships are in use. I would certainly contact Samsung assistance and ask them around that error.