Run virtual machine from external hard drive

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Schosen options in Portable-VirtualBox.

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The portable copy of VirtualBox itself takes up approximately 155MB of area. Any digital equipments you install will certainly take up even more room.

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Steps For Installing VirtualBox on a USB Drive

Before proceeding with these actions, make certain that you are installing VirtualBox from a PC that doesn’t have VirtualBox set up. For some factor, the Portable-VirtualBox application won’t run properly on a system via VirtualBox currently installed and will just open the in your area set up copy in such a situation.

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If installing on a flash drive, pick the biggest capacity and the fastest design easily accessible for your requirements. I recommfinish 4GB minimum if installing a solitary virtual machine or operating mechanism on a flash drive. External tough drives are commonly faster than flash drives and sell more storage capacity for multiple digital machines or operating systems.

Now, on the very same display screen, tright here are four check-boxes. Mark the 2 that referral extracting the papers for 32/64-little units. These will permit you to run VirtualBox on systems via either 32-little bit or 64-little processors. Mark the compush documents choice if you desire to conserve some area on your drive. This isn’t crucial for you to choose yet.Click OK and permit the program to perform its business and once it is finished, you will certainly have actually a completely practical, portable copy of VirtualBox that you deserve to lug roughly in your pocket (or purse, backload, bag…)!

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You must uninstall VirtualBox on your Computer prior to establishing up the Portable version...

Mark B on April 04, 2017:

Crazy because I have tried both the latest and also the beta. As shortly as I run Portable-VirtualBox.exe, it goes RIGHT to the std Oracle VirtualBox Manager and never the portable installer. Has anyone else had this issue??