Rock candy xbox one controller driver for pc

Existing instructions for using a Rock Candy Xbox 360 wired controller on Windows seem to refer only to Windows 7/8. Specifically, they imply downloading and also installing Xbox 360 Accessories Software, which is just available for 32-bit Windows 7, before editing and enhancing an .inf file.

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Do I follow the exact same instructions on Windows 10, or something else?


Although the manufacturer does not officially assistance Windows COMPUTER, you execute not should follow any type of distinct instructions on Windows 10.

Sindicate plug the Rock Candy controller right into your USB port. The first time you execute this, Windows 10 will certainly detect and also connumber it instantly. Eextremely time thereafter, it will certainly ssuggest be detected and all set to usage.

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(Tested December 2017 via an up-to-date Windows 10 installation. These instructions should proceed to job-related without problem.)


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