Rise of the tomb raider driver crash

I just cant play this game anymore. It crashes after few minutes of playing. I also mounted the hot settle and also still doesnt work-related. The game freeze, display rotate back for a long time, then it goes earlier to desktop saying the driver cramelted. My card is powercolor 380 4gb.

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Tried that, I think it is solved temporarily, I am able to finish that one specific tomb that cramelted 4 times within 20 minutes. It still crashed once after perhaps 30mins of playing. I didn't play a lot after so not certain how it will certainly organize up.

R9390x right here, had actually to remove my small OC as had flickering artifacts and a babsence box bug. By the by the OC was secure in eextremely benchnote and also game I tested aside from rottr. With the OC removed and also the hot deal with installed, I have actually had no problems at all, game is singing.

Are you overclocking the gpu? A freezing black screen is among the symptoms of an unsecure OC on AMD cards.

You know I'm entirely persuaded now. The Tonga chips are crash magnets.

Let me guess black screen, driver brought back. Sound acquainted its the exact very same damn trouble I have on so many kind of games via my 285

It'll deal with your clocks and also soptimal them dropping, usage appropriate click the taskbar symbol, Rapid Actions> block. Make sure to downclock once not required. The regime will do this automatically if left alone, but try it first simply so you know that nopoint will interfere.

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2. If it still happens disable heavy steam overlay.

If namong this helps, have to wait for chauffeurs or roll back to some which are even more steady.

That's crazy. I have actually a 390 and an i7-6700k and also mine crashes eincredibly 30 min. I have the newest beta drivers as of the fourth.

Have you got to Soviet installation yet? i have organized of playing the game cause of the performance drops in soviet installation and also the valley and also waiting for a patch.

I run a 290X (on the 16.1.1 hotfix) and also I have had ZERO difficulties whatsoever (prior to and after the hotfix) - no graphical glitching, no crashing, no black displays, nopoint. It would certainly be great if you might provide any type of information about what you've done to the game or your computer system that's various from just...plopping the GPU in, installing Windows, acquiring vehicle drivers, and also then buying and also launching the game.

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