Right click menu keeps popping up


Though the right click menu is offered commonly on Windows 10/8/7, individuals don’t desire to see it randomly. However, some Windows users reported a problem: the ideal click menu is popping up now and also then once tbelow is not obvious create for it. It is so annoying that Windows users would like to discover a solution to it.

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On Windows, you’ll pick an item by ssuggest left clicking it. If you want to open a record or folder, you need to double click it. However before, if you desire to readjust the properties of a things or perform something more progressed, you need to best click on it to bring up the appropriate click food selection, additionally called the context food selection (you can likewise push Shift + F10 to lug up the best click menu).

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Right Click Menu Keeps Popping Up on Windows 10

Many kind of world reported the very same weird issue: the ideal click food selection keeps popping up on Windows 10 randomly. As for Windows 8.1 and also Windows 7 customers, they also come throughout the automatic right click trouble sometimes. They said that the conmessage menu will present up on their COMPUTER also if it is inactive and nopoint is touched. How weird it is!

Make The Most Of Your Mousage Middle Click Button On Windows.

What Causes Automatic Right Click Problem Windows 10

Tbelow are mainly 3 factors that should be responsible for the problem – appropriate click menu pops up immediately.

ClickLock function is enabled: there’s a mouse attribute dubbed ClickLock. Whenever individuals arrangement to usage it for dragging something on the PC, the conmessage food selection will display up randomly. In this case, you have to disable it to prevent right click problem.Keyboard or mouse driver is damaged: according to users’ feedago, in the situation wright here the driver of the keyboard or mouse is corrupted or infinish, some secrets will be triggered automatically even if they didn’t push any. In fact, users must run the built-in keyboard troubleshooter to clear up dvery own driver inconsistency.Keyboard has actually physical problems: in some situations, the appropriate click food selection keeps popping up bereason the mouse key is stuck. At that time, the only means to solve is trying to get the stuck essential unstuck or buying a new keyboard.

How to Fix When Right Click Menu Pops up Automatically

Equipment 1: disable ClickLock.

Press Start + I on the key-board to open up Setups panel.Choose Devices from the list.Navigate to the Mouse option from the left pane.Find Related settings area in the right pane.Click Additional mouse options.Find ClickLock under the Butloads tab.Unexamine the box in front of Turn on ClickLock.Click on the OK or Apply switch at the bottom to confirm the adjust.

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Solution 2: use the keyboard troubleshooter.

This deserve to be an excellent method to resolve automatic appropriate click problem Windows 10 led to by file corruption or an incomplete driver.

Press Start + I to open up Setups.Scroll down to select Upday & Security.Navigate to the Troubleshoot alternative from the left pane.Scroll dvery own in the best pane to locate Find and also deal with other problems section.Choose Keyboard under it.Click on the Run the troubleshooter switch appeared after last action.Wait for the diagnostics procedure to complete.Follow the deal with and also instructions provided by mechanism.


You deserve to also run Troubleshooter to settle dvery own Windows was unable to repair the drive.

Solution 3: check if tbelow is a switch pressed or not.

Users have to open the on-display key-board energy to identify whether any kind of keyboard keys are stuck.

Press Start + I butlots to carry up Run dialog box.Type osk right into the textbox and hit Enter on the key-board.Look via all the buttons provided below to discover out whether there is a vital pressed (whose color will turn right into blue).Try to obtain the stuck key unstuck.


In addition, you have the right to attempt to upday the tool drivers to fix the error: right click menu keeps popping up Windows 10.

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