Render print jobs on client computer

“Help! I’m a print server Administrator and also I’ve come across this setting “Render print tasks on client computers”. What does this establishing expect, and also what’s the finest practice when it pertains to”

What specifically does “Render print jobs on client computers” mean?

Rendering is the process of converting content that a user desires to print into information for the printer to check out. On Windows print servers, the task of rendering have the right to take area on the client (dubbed Client-side rendering) or on the server (called Server-side rendering).

When Client-side rendering (CSR) is used…

The Windows client provides the record right into a format choose PostScript prior to handing the job over to the print server, bring about much less processing fill on the server. Incidentally these print jobs bring about the “RAW” datatype which is easiest for print monitoring software application like to analyze and interpret.

When Server-side rendering (SSR) is used…

The Windows client sends the unrendered print information to the server, and the server does the hard occupational of rendering the print project. This outcomes in substantially even more processing load on the print server, particularly in bigger environments.

Why permit Client-Side Rendering?

We prefer this establishing for two main reasons:

This takes the handling load off of your print server, and avoids your print server from becoming a bottleneck. This establishing functions much better via many attributes favor because the “RAW” datatype for Windows spool documents is easiest to analyze and manipulate.

How perform you ensure Client-Side Rendering is enabled?

Below we explain 3 techniques to ensure Client Side Rendering is supplied. Tbelow are slight distinctions, so check out below to figure out which approach is ideal for your organization.

A: Manually allow Client-Side Rendering

Client-side Rendering have the right to be turned on for each printer in Publish Management Console, and also typically it is already on by default.

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Open Publish Management by pushing Windows key + R, then kind printadministration.msc and hit the enter essential. Next off, right-click the printer you desire to control and also select Properties…Select the Sharing tab. Make certain Render print tasks on client computers checkbox is allowed as displayed in the screenswarm.

WARNING: Windows 8 and 10 laptop computers and tablets (specifically anypoint through a battery) will overlook this establishing and also usage Server Side Rendering anymeans. We think this is silly, but according to Microsoft this habits is by architecture to conserve power. If you have actually these devices in your network, attempt using one of various other methods to set Client Side Rendering like the PowerCovering manuscript.

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B: Automatically permit Client-Side Rendering through PowerShell

We favor this method a lot more because it will use to all Windows printing clients (whether they have actually a battery or not) and is a lot faster, particularly as soon as you have actually numerous printers.

The downside is that you would certainly must re-run this command also whenever new printers are included to your server.


Log right into your Windows 2012 or more recent print server. Open an elevated PowerShell command also prompt window. Run this command to collection the Rendering Mode for all printers to Client-Side Rendering (CSR): Set-Printer -Name PrinterName> -RenderingMode CSR. (Pro tip: use the wildcard character * rather of specifying each PrinterName to run this command also on all your printers at once!)

C: Enforce Client-Side Rendering through Group Policy

Maybe you favor the idea of configuring this automatically, yet you’re afraid of PowerShell. Lucky for you there’s constantly more than one means to perform something in Windows.

If your workstations are domain-joined, then it’s additionally possible to regulate this establishing with Group Policy.


Run gpmc.msc. Create a brand-new Group Policy and use it an OU that consists of the client computers. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Printers > “Almeans render print jobs on server” > Edit. Select Disabled, then click OK.

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Still have questions?

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