Realtek rtl8188ee 802.11 b/g/n wifi adapter 5ghz

Hi. I just upgraded my internet and also my brand-new modem is a dual band also with a 2.4GHz channel and a 5GHz channel. The 5GHz channel is much much faster as displayed by rate test comparisons as soon as I connect to each on my tablet and also phone, yet my PC doesn't recogznize the 5GHz channel. I googled the WiFi adapter for my laptop (realtek rtl8188ee 802.11 bgn wifi adapter) and also it looks choose it's single band just and also doesn't support/can't connect to 5GHz. Is tright here anything I deserve to perform brief of gaining a new lapoptimal or opening mine up and transforming out the adapter? I have zero experience via anything prefer this so I don't recognize if there even is an option, but would certainly something prefer this work:, or will I not even have the ability to connect to that considering that my PC was a 2.4GHz just WiFi adapter?

I have actually Windows 10 64 little mounted on an HP laptop.

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Thanks for reading.

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4 years ago
The adapter you linked has no assistance for Windows 10, just XP, Vista and 7. If you uncover one compatible via Windows 10, it must work, you're not locked into 2.4GHz just because your computer system came with a 2.4GHz adapter.

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Initial Poster4 years ago

Good eye. So should something favor among these work for me?

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4 years ago
Many things to consider:

USB Wi-Fi dongles are infamous for being unsteady and having actually sub-par array. There are exceptions but this is generally the case for anything below $50. That, and there's the entirety "point sticking out the side/back of the laptop" that is extremely basic to break off by accident, perhaps damaging a USB port in the procedure, or if especially unlucky, something more vital.

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If replacing your built-in MiniPCI/e Wi-Fi card, examine to make certain your laptop manufacturer does not run an adapter whitelist on its BIOS. If it does, google for the whitelist and watch what cards are in tright here. Normally, non-whitenoted card renders and also models won't work-related on a lapoptimal through a BIOS whitelist.

Before buying any type of replacement Wi-Fi card, inspect to make sure the antenna terminals are compatible through the antenna jacks inside. It have to be okay in many instances, but tbelow might be exceptions. Also inspect that the card has actually the best variety of terminals to leads on your laptop. For example, if your lapheight just has actually one antenna lead, but you acquire a card that requires 2, you could see decreased or no signal on either frequency band.

Also, what sort of dual-band Wi-Fi Modem / Rexternal thingy do you have? Does the 5 GHz band also support 802.11n, ac, or both? Keep this in mind when shopping for an adapter to encertain compatibility.

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That being sassist, I personally recommfinish this card. I am running the Deskoptimal variant with the pcie x1 adapter card, and also it's been nothing however rock solid.