Razer naga chroma numpad not working

I simply obtained the Razer Naga gaming mouse and also I"ve encountered a tiny problem.I"ve been using the numpad feature on my mouse and it randomly switches in between the nubpad and also some other butlots (Left arrowhead, Right arrow, Up arrowhead, Down arrowhead, Delete, End, Page down, Page up, Home, Insert and also such).Does anyone understand just how to solve this?
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Assume you mean number lock, not caps lock.I do not usage the mouse myself, yet given that that same functionality is displayed by the keyboard then that would certainly make sense.

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I recognize this threview is old, however might as well tell you the solution to your problem. I had the very same issue, yet remembered something necessary - there is a switch on the bottom of the mouse; you have to have someexactly how relocated the switch to "Num", and also sindicate need to move it ago to the "123" setting.

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Make certain you have actually the up to day Naga chauffeurs, Also check the bottem and also make sure its set to 123 (so it provides 1234567890-= on peak of keyboard) i perform that and also use 7 - = for alot of bindings and also never acquire issues.

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This renders me facedesk so poor, ofcourse having actually numlock on/off will certainly affect the mice when it"s collection to numpad.Just dont adjust num lock, ???, profit
for anyone still viewing this threview for help the ideal means to kill this numb pad trouble is to download the Razer Naga Driver from the RazerSupport webweb page, it will give you a regime referred to as the Razer Naga Configurator. under default switch the computer mouse to "123" and rebind eexceptionally side essential on your naga to Ctrl- N (i have actually mine binded Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-= to fit in all 12 butlots yet any type of combo that doesn"t interfere with your computer system regulates works.) doing this approach might interfere through your pet activity bar if your a hunter, warlock or any type of other course who usage a pet, so you might desire to rebind any kind of pet spells you prefer/must trigger to different tricks. yet alongside that, its quick, straightforward and also works through minimum interference.
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