Razer barracuda ac-1 windows 10

As there"s no Windows 8 installer, I set up the Windows 7 version in Windows 7 compatibility mode successfully. (Booted via Driver Signature Enforcement disabled bereason I"m on 64-little bit.) However before, launching the configuration application automatically crashes prior to opening. Is tbelow a solution? I currently tried the Vista installer. I might have had actually a comparable worry on Windows 7.

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If you have the Windows 7 "compatibility" variation installed on Windows 8 and also alert the software program stops working to launch, adhering to these actions. First uninstall the Razer audio card from Programs and Features (appwiz.cpl). Then uninstall the device and choose to delete driver records from Device Manager (devmgmt.msc). (This might be optional, I haven"t tested.)

If you"re on 64-little Windows, disable driver signature enforcement.

Install the Vista version in Vista compatibility mode so that the installer will certainly run. The software need to now occupational properly. If it still stops working to launch you might wish to verify the Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card folder is effectively deleted from Program Files as soon as uninstalling.


Found a much better solution, well, actually I did not, after mounted windows 8.1, I uncovered in the tray symbol the software, then I looked it up.

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C-Media Electronics Oxygen HD CMI8788 generic Windows 8 drivers

Everything functions fine, the only thing absent is that "Distance" feature, or perhaps it is in tbelow also and I have not discovered it, anyway everything works.

Plus it does not have actually that switch resolution bug that each variation of the razer regulate panel had.



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