Raid not showing up in windows 10

Hi, i"m searching for help. I have set up a house server and also today I aws swapping cooler on it, and also had to install a brand-new bracket, definition that I had to rerelocate the entire mobo. When I did I also of course removed all cabels from it.

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On it I have actually a ssd as a boot tool and also 2 4 TB hard drives striped together in rassist to produce on single 8 TB drive. I plugged everpoint in aget and also currently that I have actually began up the computer aget the raid partition doesnt present up. When I examine disk manager I see nmy ssd and ALSO a solitary 8 TB drive, getting here as not inizialised, through no partition on it.

Any help?

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Posted October 3, 2019
16 hrs earlier, F___M said:

best click and initialize it

under no circumstance carry out this. Any tampering with the drives can reason information loss and also make it more tough to recuperate the data have to that be necessary.


Your controller might require the drives to be connected in the same order as they were as soon as they were associated. So make certain each drive is linked to the exact same port as prior to. That is, if you"re utilizing the onboard raid controller or an actual hardware controller and not somepoint favor storage spaces. No idea just how this works via storage spaces.. can be the same.

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Posted October 3, 2019

 It"s a raid 0. Windows sees it. Anybuddy who runs a rassist 0 config, and also does not have a backup is playing through fire anymethod.

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Posted October 3, 2019

Just use testdisk to gain back the partitioning. It’s pretty easy. 

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Posted October 3, 2019

Do NOT under any scenarios adjust any kind of settings, initialize or "restore" anything at this point.


You could have linked one or both the drives to wrong SATA ports, you have to usage the exact same 2 as prior to, and also relying on the controller even using the very same motherboard ports but having swapped the 2 cables by mistake might also cause that difficulty.

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