Printer won t print multiple copies

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This issue is typically caused by a damaged Publish Spooler or Publish Processor, which are components of the operating mechanism that manage printing.  As a work approximately, you may collection the driver to "Publish Directly to the Printer" by completing the complying with steps: Enabling this option may proccasion you from printing huge or complex print jobs. Contact your computer system manufacturer or System Admin for via this function.1. Open the Printers folder. Click here for instructions on exactly how to open up the Printers folder.2. Access the driver properties:

     - Windows XP or Vista: Right-click on the printer driver and also left-click Properties.

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     - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10: Right-click the printer driver and left-click Printer Properties.3. Click on the Cutting edge tab.4. Select Print Directly To The Printer.


5. Click Apply → OK.

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6. Attempt to print multiple duplicates of a small (1 or 2 page) record.

     - If all documents print, then the worry is most likely resulted in by a trouble through the print spooler.

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     - If all documents don"t print, then the concern could be resulted in by a trouble via the Windows print processor.7. You should call your computer manufacturer or device admin for better assistance. If there is an alternate driver accessible, such as the XML driver or BrScript driver, you may attempt using that driver instead.  Visit http://www.brvarious for available chauffeurs.