Prevent chrome from closing all tabs

How to enable confirmation alert box option prior to closing opened up tab in chrome browser? Need to adjust setting? I couldn"t find any such alternatives in setting home window.

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If you click "Warn prior to Quitting" in the Chrome food selection on Mac it"ll do the trick. It"ll make you hold command + Q to quit. Not certain on PC.

This was astronomical for me bereason closing a tab, command also + W is ideal next to close the entirety freaking web browser command + Q. Made that mistake as well many kind of times!

This is what it looks like on MacOS Sierra:




If you close multiple tabs in your Chrome there is an alert box asking to "Cshed all the tabs?"

Yes Chrome closes the tab if you are pushing the X button without any confirmation and also it deserve to be quite annoying if you accidently close it in order to carry out so. You have the right to press CTRL + SHIFT + T To reclaim your previous session of all your tabs.

You can additionally look for a Chrome expansion such as Windows Cshed Protector



In my instance the greatest trouble is once I use ctrl-shift-W or ctrl-shift-Q.If you desire to remap a shortcut:

Go to chrome://extensionsRebind Ctrl + Change + W to something less annoying. In my case I bound it to open lastpass extension.


Also, FYI: Ctrl-Shift-T will certainly reopen all your tabs

To proccasion accidental closing of Google Chrome:

To proccasion accidental closing of individual tabs:

The script will certainly only be executed on any type of new pperiods you visit after that. Alprepared open tabs will certainly should be reloaded for the manuscript to execute.

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I haven"t tested it generally so it might not occupational for all internet pages, however if you"re great through code, you might probably tinker with it and resolve the problems.

I believe the closest point to this attribute in stock Chrome is "continue wright here I left off" under the "On startup" area in settings.

I choose to trick "myself" on this. Open chrome, pin the first tab. That will get rid of the X button from that first tab :)

Tright here is a "Chrome Toolbox" expansion which is meant to take care of this, however it is no much longer sustained. So what I did on Mac OS is to readjust keyboard shortreduced for quitting Chrome "Cmd-Q" to somepoint which does not cause accidentally (e.g. Ctrl-Cmd-Shift-Q) so I am sure I will certainly never before push it accidentally aobtain.

To change this shortreduced goto System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Click on + sign, from App dropdvery own pick "Google", for Menu Title form "Quit Google Chrome" and for shortreduced, push a complicated essential combination.

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An extension or a third-party software regime to achieve this sounds choose also a lot work-related. Some answers apply just to Mac while others needs you to include manuscript runners in Chrome to inject a specific script in all peras which aacquire reasons a problem wbelow the confirmation box is shown for all tabs.

I believe the require of many customers right here is that they want to safeguard the totality home window from cshedding at as soon as and not each tab. I have created a straightforward static HTML page with a little bit of JavaScript that makes a confirmation box appear once the totality Window is about to close.

You can find the HTML web page right here (hosted on JSBin) :

How to use it? The only requirement is that you have the page opened in Chrome always throughout a session so that whenever before you have clicked on the "X" button or the keyboard shortcut to cshed the Chrome window, the manuscript in the web page I"ve produced is run and asked for confirmation.

You deserve to booknote it and open it as per your need - as soon as you are about to go for a lengthy looking session and you desire to proccasion such accidents then this is the best option.If you do not desire to bother opening it each time you open Chrome, you can go to the web page > appropriate click the tab > pin tab. Now whenever your cshed the internet browser the pinned tab will certainly instantly open up the next time you open up it.OR set it as one of your startup-pperiods in Chrome. (ideal choice if you use startup-pages)

The benefits of this is:

No installation or extension is compelled, this is simply an easy HTML pageDoesn"t display the confirmation box multiple times i.e each for all tabs. You deserve to develop your very own fork and also usage it the means you like

For transparency, this is the JavaScript code in the web page -

window.onbeforeunload = function(e) var dialogText = "Are you certain you want to cshed the Window?"; e.returnValue = dialogText; return dialogText;;Yes, that"s all! Simple and straightforward.