Public Fields

int32 id_
 Unique identifier of the proxy.
string server_
 Proxy server IP resolve.
int32 port_
 Proxy server port.
int32 last_used_date_
 Point in time (Unix timestamp) once the proxy was last used; 0 if never before.
bool is_enabled_
 True, if the proxy is permitted now.
object_ptrProxyType > type_
 Type of the proxy.

Public Instance Methods

 proxy ()
 proxy (int32 id_, string const &server_, int32 port_, int32 last_used_date_, bool is_enabled_, object_ptrProxyType > &&type_)
std::int32_t get_id () const final
void store (TlStorerToString &s, const char *field_name) const final
 Public Instance Methods inherited from TlObject
online void store (TlStorerUnsafe &s) const
virtual void save (TlStorerCalcLength &s) const
 TlObject ()=default
 TlObject (const TlObject &)=delete
TlObject & operator= (const TlObject &)=delete
 TlObject (TlObject &&)=default
TlObject & operator= (TlObject &&)=default
virtual ~TlObject ()=default

Static Public Attributes

static const std::int32_t ID = 196049779
 Identifier uniquely determining a form of the object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆proxy() <1/2>

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proxy ( )

Contains information about a proxy server.

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◆proxy() <2/2>

proxy ( int32  id_,
string const &  server_,
int32  port_,
int32  last_used_date_,
bool  is_enabled_,
object_ptrProxyType > &&  type_ 

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Contains information about a proxy server.

id_Unique identifier of the proxy.
server_Proxy server IP deal with.
port_Proxy server port.
last_used_date_Point in time (Unix timestamp) when the proxy was last used; 0 if never.
is_enabled_True, if the proxy is enabled now.
type_Type of the proxy.