Pny usb 2.0 combo card reader driver

If PNY SD card is not recognized in Windows computer, you’ll be unable to access the data conserved on it or transfer files to it. When you are in such condition, refer to this paper and also you’ll uncover correct options.

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2. Here pick MBR kind and click OK.

3. Click Apply and also Proceed to commitprocedure.

After rebuilding MBR, inspect whether your SD card can be recognized.

Solution 5. Assign drive letter to PNY SD card

Sometimes, PNY SD card not getting here in File Explorer have the right to sindicate because of drive lettershed. Go into Disk Management by accessing Run window, inputting diskmgmt.msc, and also pressingEnter crucial to inspect the status of PNY SD card. If it is not assigned a drive letter,perform as the adhering to steps:

1. Right-click the partition on PNY SD card and also pick Change Drive Letterand also Paths…

2. In the pop-up min home window, click Add button.

3. Choose a correct drive for your SD card partition and also click OK.

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3. Exit from Disk Management and you can view the SD card in Data Explorer.

Equipment 6. Reformat PNY SD card

If the file mechanism of the PNY SD card is corrupted or incompatible, PNY SD card won’t be known and also easily accessible in Windows. In suchcircumstance, you deserve to format it with a proper file device that deserve to be sustained byWindows. You can follow the steps listed below to reformat the corrupted SD card.

Note: What you should pay attention to is that formatting will make all data conserved on SD card gone; if there are necessary records on it, you can revolve to third-party data recoincredibly software program to retrieve documents at first.

1. Fire up AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. In the man interconfront, find the SD cardpartition, right-click it, and also select Layout Partition.


2. Here a mini window pops up. Choose an correct file system and also then click OK.At the meantime, you deserve to add partition label to or change cluster dimension ofthe SD card partition.


3. Click Apply and Proceed button to perform thisoperation.

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AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard have the right to work with Windows 10/8.1/8/7, XP andVista.