Plex two versions of same movie

I run a Plex media server in my residence and can’t number out how to have actually both a traditional and also extfinished reduced version of a movie available. Can you advise?

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I’ve been running a Plex media server on a Mac Mini for a long time and I’m a large fan. From TV series to my library of movies, ripping and also archiving a digital copy of a movie is way more convenient than actually fussing via – and storing! – dozens or hundreds of DVD and also Blu-Ray disks, no question. The Plex device does have its quirks, however, and also sometimes I execute finish up via the wrong movie poster associated via a film (tip: If 2 movies have actually the very same name and also release year, Plex gets baffled).

A decade or two earlier, your question would certainly have actually most likely radvanced about “if I have a colorized version and the original…” yet currently, of course, film auteurs create lengthy, periodically plodding versions of their movies that sprawl throughout 3 or more hrs and also are then chopped dvery own for a “cinematic release” that’s closer to the ideal of 2 hours. (right for theater owners and TV stations, that is, not necessarily the audience or the manufacturing team). The a lot of famed of these multiple modify releases is most likely the good film Blade Runner, wbelow there are five various “cuts” obtainable.

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If you’re a completist, how on Earth perform you acquire Plex to differentiate?

Turns out that you can. I learned that through the remarkable extfinished collectors edition (ECE) cut of James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar. The ECE reduced adds almost 17-minutes of added footage and also from the exceptionally beginning it feels prefer a new film, via more depth and context than the original (already long) variation. But how to have both on my Plex? To start out, Plex instantly just assumed both versions were the exact same movie:


Tons of really amazing container and also media details, however notification the 2 files: Avatar (2009).mp4 and also Avatar.ECE (2009).mp4.

To have Plex watch them as 2 various records, go earlier to the “•••” menu and also select “Split Apart”:


This then produces 2 versions of the very same film enattempt, with two similar display poster images, as you deserve to see in this search result:


How to distinguish them? Not as well hard, actually. Choose each individual file and also check “Media Info” until you see it’s the extended, directors, collectible or fan edit or cut file. Then go right into “Edit” and readjust the Title!


For bonus points usage Google Image Search to discover the connected poster with the unique reduced – if there is one – or otherwise uncover a various poster from the list shown to differentiate them in the results and also web browser views:


And, ultimately, here’s what I have once I browse all my movies by name:


That’s the basics of exactly how you teach your Plex Media Server just how to work through different editions, releases, cuts or edits of your favorite movie. Now around that colorization…