Plex media server will not open

Encertain that Plex starts instantly when your computer reboots and also is always easily accessible to serve your media. No must log in!

Plex Media Server is a totally free "digital hub" that shares your movies, TV shows, music and pictures across all your Plex-enabled devices.

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To setup Plex Media Server via AlwaysUp:

Start AlwaysUp.

On the General tab:

In the Application area, enter the full route to the Plex Media Server executable, Plex Media Server.exe.If you mounted Plex in the default area, this will certainly be:C:Program Files (x86)PlexPlex Media ServerPlex Media Server.exe

Since Plex will be running in the background and also might not be able to work-related via a tray symbol, you more than likely want to add the -noninteractive flag in the Arguments field.If not, you might view a bunch of warnings favor "Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_ADD) failed: 0x0" in the Plex Media Server.log file.

In the Start the application field, pick Automatically, but quickly after the computer system boots choice. This will cause Windows to launch Plex about 2 minutes after your computer boots — ensuring that all important services are up and also obtainable to Plex as soon as it starts.

On the Startup tab:Check the Encertain that the Windows Netfunctioning components have started box.This indevelops AlwaysUp that the media server needs the TCP/IP networking stack to run.

Before we start Plex as a Windows Service, we must prevent a 2nd copy from beginning as soon as you log on. To perform so:

Start Plex Media Server if vital (Start switch > All Programs > Plex Media Server > Plex Media Server)

To start Plex from AlwaysUp select Application > Start "Plex Media Server". In a few seconds, the state need to adjust to "Running".

Keep in mind that you won"t watch Plex"s tray icon bereason the server will be running invisibly in the background (in Session 0).However before media sharing should job-related simply fine. Please open up your neighborhood Plex webwebsite in the browser and also confirm:


If you do need to communicate through Plex — to include media or change settings — you should:

Speak Plex in AlwaysUp.

Start Plex generally on your desktop computer.

(Search for it from the Start button, or run "C:Program Files (x86)PlexPlex Media ServerPlex Media Server.exe" directly.)

Make your transforms.

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Exit Plex.

Rebegin Plex under AlwaysUp, to resume 24x7 operation.

That"s it! Next off time your computer system boots, Plex Media Server will certainly start up instantly, prior to anyone logs on.We encourage you to edit Plex in AlwaysUp and check out the many kind of various other settings that might be correct for your setting.

Downfill & Import the Plex Media Server Settings File

For your convenience, we have offered an AlwaysUp Settings File via all the settings recommfinished in this overview.


To use the file:

In AlwaysUp, pick Application > Import from the menu.

Choose the file you downloaded in step 1.

Make the following adjustments in the Add Application window:

Click Save to record your brand-new Plex company.

Plex Media Server not functioning effectively as a Windows Service?

Check the Plex logs for error messperiods. The documents have the right to be found inC:Users\AppDataLocalPlex Media ServerLogs.

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Throughout testing on our Windows 7 computer system, we encountered a strange instance where Plex would not run if we stopped it in AlwaysUp and also started it from the Start switch.The server log (C:Users\AppDataLocalPlex Media ServerLogsPlex Media Server.log) tape-recorded a puzzling error — "Access denied".Fortunately we were able to solve the issue via bit fuss by running Plex as an Administrator (simply once). Stselection indeed.