Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set usb

Some users report being bothered by the “Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click OK to continue” error message everytime they try to open a Windows Explorer window. Commjust described as the Compressed (zipped) Folders error, this issue this issue is not minimal to Windows 10 and also is additionally typically reported on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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Affected individuals report that clicking the OK switch will certainly just make the error return in a short amount of time. Upon investigation the problem, it’s clear that the error message is signaling a corrupted .zip folder in the root folder of among the drives currently active on your computer system.

This is a prevalent occurence on drives that were previously placed into a Mac system. This happens because the Mac OSX creates a bunch of covert records on FAT32 formatted drives that are wrongfully interpreted as corrupted by Windows. In reality, these files are not corrupted or harmful and also are supplied to save indexing information and icon data for the Finder application. It’s the .zip extension that confprovides the operating device right into looking at the folder as corrupted.

However, the Compressed (zipped) Folders error deserve to also be brought about by a USB Controller glitch or by a genuine .zip file that is incomplete. Because the indexing function of File traveler tries to index compressed file, the”Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and also click OK to continue” error will occur without an apparent trigger.

If you’re currently struggling through the Compressed (zipped) Folders error, the complying with methods could aid. Below you have actually a collection of fixes that various other users in a similar case have actually provided to settle the worry. Please follow each of the adhering to techniques in order till you encounter a solve that resolves your instance.

Method 1: Removing the concealed folder/s from your drive

One approach that has actually aided most users to remove the Compressed (zipped) Folders error requires locating and removing the .zip folder that is leading to the problem. Most of the moment, this folder (or folders) will be surprise, so you should allow Hidden items initially.

Here’s a quick overview on just how to situate and remove the documents that are resulting in the Compressed (zipped) Folders error:

Open Data Explorer and also click on the View tab (in the optimal ribbon). Then, make sure that the checkbox linked through Hidden items is checked.
With concealed items enabled, open up each drive and look for any semi-translucent documents that end through the .zip expansion. If you find any type of, right-click it and select Delete to remove it from the drive.Repeat step 2 through eextremely drive the appears inside Documents Explorer until you’ve made certain that tbelow are no concealed folders that might be resulting in the issue left.Reboot your computer system and watch if the Compressed (zipped) Folders error retransforms as soon as you open Documents Explorer at the following startup.

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If you’re still encountering the same worry, relocate dvery own to Method 2.

Method 2: Format or rerelocate the outside drive

If you were unable to uncover the culprit file however you just view this concern arising while an exterior flash drive (or SD card) is placed, you will certainly be able to solve the Compressed (zipped) Folders error by formatting the drive.

Just make certain to conserve any records that you don’t want loose, then right-click the flash drive that is bring about the issue and also choose Format. Then, maintain the Default Documents device format and also examine package associated through Rapid Style. Upon hitting Start, the device will certainly format the flash drive eliminating the Compressed (zipped) Folders error.


Another means to get rid of the “Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume collection and click OK to continue” error without treating the reason is to disaffix the flash drive from your computer.

If this method wasn’t efficient, relocate to the final technique.

Method 3: Reinstalling the USB Controllers

Some customers have actually regulated to solve this concern by updating the USB Controllers chauffeurs. This is all done through Device Manager, however you might need to retype to uninstalling the Host Controller and also let WU (Windows Update) reinstall the chauffeurs if the initially tactic falls short.

Here’s a quick guide on reinstalling the USB Controllers:

Press Windows crucial + R to open up up a Run box. Then, form “devmgmt.msc” and also hit Enter to open up Device Manager.
Expand the Universal Serial Bus controller, right-click the Host Controller and click Update Driver.
At the next display, click Search instantly for updated driver software and also wait for the process to complete.
Once WU finishes installing the new driver version, reboot your computer and view if the Compressed (zipped) Folders error is reresolved at the next startup.

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Note: In the occasion that WU finds that you currently have actually the latest variation of the USB Host Controller, right-click and also choose Uninstall driver rather. Then, reboot your computer to let WU reinstall the motorists at the following startup.