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Directly installs the compelled PhysX records right into the game catalog, bypassing the concerns resulted in by the NVidia PhysX installer that can reason the dreaded "PhysX not installed" startup error

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This incredibly easy tool installs the forced physx records for Mass Effect 3 straight into the game magazine, bypassing the require for the PhysX installer that usually is run when the game is mounted. Due to questionable design of the installer by NVidia, the installer will refuse to run if certain more recent versions are mounted, but they don"t have the files or crucial information for ME3 to find the PhysX papers it"s searching for. This tool bypasses this issue by simply placing those PhysX records right alongside the game exe, which is wright here the game will initially look to load the dlls. I extracted these physx documents out of the msi directly.
To usage this routine, you simply run it and point it at your installation of ME3 that isn"t functioning by picking the game executable (under ME3/binaries/win32). If your game is in a create safeguarded brochure, this program need to be run as administrator (it may crash otherwise). That"s all there is to it.Technical info:ME3 uses 32-bit PhysX 2.8.3.Once the records are installed, your game will have the added collection of files:
These papers are from the PhysX redistributable consisted of through the game.