Pc shuts off after a few seconds

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Is your computer turning off by itself instantly or at some point prior to the operating device loads? If so, you can be dealing with anypoint from an electrical short to a major hardware difficulty.

Because tright here are a number of factors that your PC could be shutting off by itself throughout the boot process, it's essential that you action via a logical troubleshooting procedure choose the one we've defined below.

If your computer is, in truth, turning on and also remaining on, even if you don't view anything on the display screen, watch How to Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On for a more applicable troubleshooting guide.


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This procedure can take everywhere from minutes to hours depending on why the computer system transforms off so quickly after being turned on.

Troubleshoot the reason of the beep code, assuming you're lucky sufficient to hear one. A beep code will offer you a really good concept of specifically where to look for the reason of your computer system turning off.

If you don't resolve the trouble that means, you deserve to constantly return below and also proceed troubleshooting with the more generic information below.

Verify that the power supply voltage switch is collection appropriately. If the input voltage for the power supply doesn't complement the correct establishing for your nation, your computer could not stay powered on.

Chances are your computer wouldn't power on at all if this switch is wrong, yet an incorrect power supply voltage can additionally cause your computer to revolve off by itself.

Make certain you're maintaining the computer cool sufficient, or it can overwarmth to the suggest that it shuts dvery own. Follow that link for some straightforward tips anyone have the right to follow to cool down their computer system.

Some computer cooling techniques for desktops call for you to open your computer, however that's sensibly easy to carry out.

Check for reasons of electrical shorts inside your computer system. This is extremely regularly the reason of the trouble once the computer system powers on for a second or two but then powers off entirely.

Inspect the inside of your computer for problems that reason shorting. If you don't take the moment to troubleshoot this possibility thoroughly you might finish up missing an easy electric brief and rather perdeveloping costly hardware replacements later on for no good factor.

Test your power supply. Just bereason your computer system came on for a few moments doesn't suppose that the power supply unit in your computer is working effectively. The power supply tends to cause even more troubles than any kind of various other piece of hardware and also is very often the cause of a computer system turning off by itself.

Rearea your power supply if it stops working any kind of of your tests.

If you carry out finish up replacing the PSU, store the computer plugged in for at leastern five minutes prior to you attempt powering it on. This pause offers time for the CMOS battery to charge a small.

Test the power button on the front of your computer's situation. If the power switch is shorting out or even simply sticking to the situation, it might be the reason your computer is turning off by itself.

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Rearea the power switch if it stops working your experimentation or if you suspect it's not functioning correctly.

Reseat whatever inside of your computer system. Reseating will recreate every one of the relationships inside your computer which might have wiggled loose over time.

Try reseating the following and also then see if your computer system remains on:

Unplug and also reaffix your keyboard and also computer mouse too. There's little chance that either one is the reason of this problem but we shouldn't overlook them while we're reseating whatever else.

Reseat the CPU just if you suspect that it can have come loose or could not have actually been set up appropriately.

We contact this out independently just bereason the possibility of a CPU coming loose is exceptionally slim and also bereason installing one is a sensitive task. This isn't a huge worry if you're cautious, so don't worry!

Start your COMPUTER through crucial hardware only. The objective right here is to rerelocate as a lot hardware as feasible while still keeping your computer's ability to power on.

If your computer transforms on, and also continues to be on, with important hardware only, proceed to Tip 10.

If your computer continues to revolve off by itself, proceed to Step 11.

This troubleshooting step is basic enough for anyone to finish, takes no distinct devices, and can give the majority of exceptionally useful indevelopment. This isn't a step to skip if, after all the procedures above, your computer is still shutting off by itself.

Reinstall each piece of non-crucial hardware, one component at a time, trial and error your computer after each installation.

Since your COMPUTER powered on via only the essential hardware mounted, those components are functioning properly. This implies that one of the tools you rerelocated is bring about your computer system to revolve off by itself. By installing each tool back into your computer system and also trial and error after each installation, you'll inevitably uncover the hardware that led to your trouble.

Replace the faulty hardware when you've figured out it.

Test your PC utilizing a Power On Self Test card. If your computer proceeds to power off by itself via nopoint but necessary COMPUTER hardware mounted, a POST card will certainly aid recognize which piece of staying hardware is to blame.

If you don't already own and also are unwilling to purchase a POST card, skip to Step 13.

Relocation each piece of necessary hardware in your computer system through a "recognized good" identical or tantamount spare piece of hardware, one component at a time, to identify which item of hardware is leading to your computer system to shut off automatically. Test after each hardware replacement to determine which device is faulty.

Most normal computer system individuals don't have a repertoire of functioning spare computer system components at their disposal. Our advice is to revisit Tip 11. A POST card is not expensive and is a more reasonable method than stocking spare computer components.

Finally, if all else falls short, you'll most likely need to seek professional assist from a computer system repair business or from your computer system manufacturer's technological assistance.

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If you're without a POST card and also without spare parts to swap in and also out, you're left not learning which item of your essential computer hardware is faulty. In these cases, you have bit option than to count on individuals or service providers that execute have actually these sources.