Out of range signal dell monitor

I hooked up a 2nd monitor to my Dell laptop. It functioned good once i initially connected them i can multitask through them. Now my second monitor (Hp w2007) Says "input signal out of range" and to change it to the recommended settings, yet it is on the recommfinished settings. Plus, the method that home windows is shown on the second monitor is plainly not appropriate. it doesn"t even fill the totality screen. I"ve tried various other reoptions. The only time the monitor works while on recommend settings. The message saying it"s out of variety ain"t there, and it fills the entirety screen and also looks excellent is once i select the option to display only 2. Can anyone help me via this?






The error message "monitor out of range" implies that the monitor displaying the message cannot screen the photo as a result of somepoint prefer a greater display resolution or much faster refresh rate.

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Does the image on the second monitor just take up fifty percent of the display, or somepoint similar? The GPU may be having challenges through a dual-monitor setup.

From the summary it sounds like the monitor is letterboxing the picture, or in various other words applying babsence bars on the sides in order to make the input photo "fit" on the monitor based upon applied settings. This leads me to think that the display resolution or facet ratio may be the difficulty.

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One perchild had the same problem and also asked on the HP forums, below was their solution:


Also examine that that all video vehicle drivers are up to date.

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Let me understand if it works for you.

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