Orange light on motherboard but no power

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Assistance. OK. So I have actually this computer computer"s right side tower situation panel was not effectively put on. It is simply laying there since I was resolving it. So it was favor leaning against it. I am utilizing Fedora and also I right-click and also see the context menus are all babsence. Must be a graphical difficulty so.. let"s restart. Then my cat jumps on the tower and also sits tright here. I think nopoint of it,....I restart my computer system that was JUST working and also nopoint. Just a tinted black display screen.I look inside and my mobo"s LED is ovariety.Help?

Might be a motherboard worry then. Try removing all addin cards, all hard drives and also cd rom drives (Just dissaffix from power) and all however one stick or ram. If the power light is still oselection then its a motherboard issue the majority of likely.

Ok so you obtain a blue power light yet then it flashes orange and does it remain oselection or does it just keep flashing?A soild ovariety power light is a motherboard concern. And flashing orange light is a Power Supply problem. The light inside on the motherboard is just saying "Hey, I gained Power" now if that power is great enough to revolve on the COMPUTER it won"t tell you. Try unpluging the power from the PC. Hold dvery own the Power button for 30 secs. Then open it up and also unplug the BIG 24 pin power connector for the motherboard and let it sit like like 15 minutes. Plug it back in, plug back right into power, and also attempt turning it ago on aacquire.
The power LED on the computer flashes orange for a millisecond and then goes to blue. OK I will do that. I will certainly tell you exactly how it went...

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Might be a motherboard issue then. Try removing all addin cards, all tough drives and cd rom drives (Just dissattach from power) and also all yet one stick or ram. If the power light is still ovariety then its a motherboard worry a lot of likely.
I left it off for the night and also currently my compuer functions.. yet the motherboard light is still oarray... weird yet its there.

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The motherboard light is supshort article to be ovariety. All that light tells you is that its acquiring power. Its the POWER light that if its goes Orange/Amber then tbelow is an problem. The light on the motherboard just reflects if its gaining some sort of power from the PSU. Had the exact same exact problem with the Vostro 200 i have on my bench. Just providing me an oarray power light. Took it to the office. Same thing. Left it unpluged over night. Turned on without concern and still without worry.